Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Time Is Short - A/C and My Next Story Theme

A short post today because my time is minimal. It's a swimming day which makes me VERY happy, and it's a hot day. At 3:45 am it's already 72 degrees. Yesterday we topped off at over 100F, so it was crispy. We went into the computer room as soon as we were finished with dinner. The computer room is in the half-basement, so quite a bit cooler. The next level up, the main level, is probably 10 degrees warmer. That's the kitchen and living room and guest bathroom. That's the level I sleep in, and it was hot enough last night that I loaded up my portable A/C with a iced filter and that helped me get to sleep. 

I have an older version of this - a mini 
swamp cooler. There is a filter that fits 
inside that you soak and freeze. When you 
take it out and insert it into the cooler, add 
some distilled water to the reservoir, and 
turn it on, it will send air over the frozen 
filter, add water droplets, and make a 
comfortable stream of much colder air. 
When it's upper 90's or 100's in my 
sleeping area, this is a game changer. 

Dh, unfortunately, stays in the upper level - that's the two bedrooms and the library room/study. That's probably another 10 degrees hotter than the living room level. So between the computer room and his bedroom is at least a 20 degree difference. On a really hot day, he finds it very hard to fall asleep. It's a good thing he's off today. Maybe he'll get a little bit of sleep this morning since we're down to 72 F. 

Even Sadhguru has discussed this theme in very 
similar wording. I found it amusing when I was looking 
for an accompanying photo, to see a similar quotation 
coming from the Guru. 

I got the new prompt yesterday and I'm mulling it over in my mind. But I rather like it. What do you think of it? "Surgery often looks like murder if you judge it halfway through." Interesting, isn't it? I can see all kinds of ways to work within this, the problem will be choosing a pathway. Scenes keep popping in and out of my mind when I read it. I'll have to narrow things down and maybe I'll try pounding something out today. It's due on Sunday, so I can't mull forever. 

One of the best things about swimming outdoors is 
having the sunrise while I'm in the water. It's 
always such a joy. 

I'm plugging in photos and getting moving. Swimming will be absolutely glorious today in our heat. There's nothing like being in the water to make me happy. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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