Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Another Bag of Crystals and Random Thoughts to Collect

I brought a bag full of crystals home from the shop with me yesterday. These are the rounds, and I started making my master list of them as I worked yesterday on a REALLY SLOW day at the shop. Still, I managed to keep busy all day by beginning my next section of Etsy. The cubes are all up now and I asked DH which shape I should start next. He said the rounds, so that's the decision. I'll use tiny bits of silicone to keep them stable for photography, but that's still a ways in the future. 

This is someone else's splash page of Swarovski 
crystal round beads from Etsy. I'll be putting 
mine into a similar format as I did for the cubes. 
The rounds have a lot of splash - they're very 
refractive. I'm looking forward to trying out 
some new equipment I got - a ring light - 
with these shiny ones. Probably within the next 
two weeks, I'll have time to start the photos. 

The cubes are completed and live. I'll have to replace three pages of the 4mm size because one color got missed, but it's not urgent and will be easy enough to do when I have those three pages rephotographed and available for posting. 

These are the next two shapes of crystals 
I need to photograph and get up onto 
Etsy. The rounds at the top, and the 
bicones at the bottom (not my photo - so 
not my quality). You can see the difference 
in the shapes quite easily. The cubes are 
already up and live. 

Of course, as I move forward in shapes, I have a larger quantity. I have more rounds than I have cubes, and I have more bicones than I have either rounds or cubes. I'll get very good at this by the time the summer has ended and the winter has returned - LOL. Today I'll try to do some organization and begin making my 3x3 grids, but it's also my "day off" and I have a bunch of things to do, plus I'd like to get some writing done on this week's prompt. 

This week's prompt has sent my thoughts down a lot 
of different plots and pathways. I need to actually 
choose one and sit down to write it up. I've wasted 
enough time thinking, it's time to be doing instead. 

This week's prompt is annoying only in that I've thought of so many ways to control it, I really have to choose a direction in which to walk. That's not going to happen until I actually sit down to write something, so I'll need to take a bit of time to dive into that. I also will be able to talk with Aearwen again. She's apparently feeling much better, although certainly not recovered from her Covid bout. Still, better is wonderful and it will be great to catch up with her, even if we call it shorter than our usual hour. 

So, I'm off to the pool. Time for some workout heaven before beginning my day and diving into a million tasks. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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