Monday, June 20, 2022

A Phone Saga - It's Going To Be An Internet Hunt

I dragged a very crabby DH to the Verizon store at 11:00 am Sunday to look at phones. After spending a half-hour looking through a variety of brands and models, he ended up with the very model I thought he would want - the Samsung Galaxy S22. It's an older phone, but it's narrow and only 6.1 inches tall, as close as we could get to his old Motorola. Looking through Amazon this morning, I'll have to order the phone directly from Samsung, but I can get an Otterbox and some screen protective glass from Amazon. I should be ready to switch him over within 1-2 weeks. Of course, I know nothing about Samsung phones, but Chickie has used Samsung phones for more than a decade. She'll be his lifeline for this one. 

After looking at a lot of phones, he decided on the 
one model I thought he would - the smallest of 
the bunch, but still a good one. The Samsung 
Galaxy S22 isn't the newest phone out there, but 
that's not a problem. It's a good, reliable phone from 
a good manufacturer, and it's a size that he 
thinks will be good for him (he wanted something 
small). Now to get it ordered. 

He also wants a new tablet. We looked at several at Verizon, but couldn't quite decide. We have a old tablet on our phone plan, but it probably won't move over when they upgrade to 5G later this year either, so I'll have to spend a little time researching things on this end. I wouldn't mind a tablet for myself either, and if we get a fourth phone line on our plan, we could switch to a different Unlimited Plan and suddenly DH would be able to get all of the TV streaming choices he's been wanting to get. That does nothing for me - I'm not much of a TV fan, but he'd enjoy it. As long as he's paying me for the bill (and he'd have to increase the amount he pays for it), then he can do what he wants. 

He also wants a tablet to replace his old one. No problem, 
I just need to find the best deal for him. He doesn't 
use it often, but there are some good reasons why he 
would want one that could be more like a laptop 
and less like a phone. More research. LOL

So I'll be playing with amounts, offers, options and techniques today while continuing to try and get the final pages of my Swarovski cubes up on Etsy, and helping whatever customers decide to come out on a frightfully hot holiday Monday. On one hand I'm hoping we won't be busy, on the other hand it would be good to have a good volume of people and some good sales by the end of the day. I'm divided - LOL. 

At this point I don't even remember which sizes 
I have made live, and which ones I'm still working 
on. I'll have to double-check that - LOL. I think 
I have the 6mm and 8mm sizes live now, but I don't 
think I had time to upload the 4mm size. It's probably
minimal work remaining on that final size, so I'll
probably have it up today. 

Thanks to those of you who voted for my CRAIC story on LJ Idol. I'm not at the top, but I'm far from the bottom and I received a lot of very positive comments on the work. I'm very happy with the results from the week. I'm sending congratulations out to bleodswean for reaching "Luna Level" - 159 weeks of posting in LJ Idol. That's an accomplishment well worth celebrating. Bleodswean was directly responsible for my joining LJ Idol, so all blame and approval lie with her. Congratulations! 

Thank you for your votes for my latest story in 
LJ Idol. I'm still in the mix, and that's what's 
important to me. Now to see what the next 
prompt will be ... LOL. As always, I love and 
appreciate ALL of my readers and those who 
comment and vote are very appreciated. 

I'm cutting this short today to research the phone a bit more and maybe get the orders started. I'll be much more comfortable when DH is actually set up with a new, functional phone. He'll still be annoying about it - growling at it all the time - but I won't have to worry about him being without one when our area gets our 5G upgrade. Have a fabulous Monday, if you get the day off for Juneteenth, enjoy your holiday. I'll be back tomorrow. Slava Ukraini! 

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