Saturday, June 18, 2022

I'm Clumsy - ARGH - But It Was a Good Computer Day

Argh - I was just grabbing my pedometer after my shower after my 2 miles on the treadmill, and I dropped the darned thing onto the tile floor of the bathroom. Busted! After I was dressed, I immediately went on to Amazon, found the style I had been using, and put another one on order.  Unfortunately, I won't have my new pedometer until Thursday at the earliest, but I'll just have to make do. I really liked the pedometer I've been using because it didn't need to be calibrated. Getting a pedometer calibrated properly is a total PITA in my opinion. It's measuring steps, trying to be consistent, etc. This one self-calibrates based on movement so set-up pretty much doesn't play into it. I wear it attached to my clothing and it's been keeping great track of my steps ... until I dropped it. *Sigh* - Klutz ... that's me. 

My lime green one was sold out, so I ended up 
ordering a yellow one instead. I'll live with it. 
I like the pedometer, but didn't want a bold 
color that might show through some clothes. 
This one should be mild enough. 

While I was on Amazon, I also picked up an inexpensive immersion blender. I've been wanting one of these for my Ogre Juice for a while. When I remove the protective plastic wrap from the surface of my drinks at work, sometimes the oil has separated a bit. An immersion blender would take care of that quickly, so voila. 

I also ordered an immersion blender. I've been wanting one 
for quite a while now, and this one was inexpensive 
enough, with enough good reviews, that it seemed worth 
the gamble. If I don't like it, I'll return it to Amazon. 

I spent almost all day yesterday working on Etsy. I pulled my 8mm cubes from the site, and uploaded the 6mm and 4mm cubes. I've been working on the revision of the 8mm cubes and think I have those ready to upload also, but have a bit more work to do on them. I found a way to link each item with its' corresponding photo, and also how to deal with variable quantities of each item. As the saying goes ... "I'm cooking with gas" - LOL. 

Back to that 2018 photo once again. (It's so strange to 
see me with hair - LOL). This bat-wing blouse is one 
of the two I'm having my tailor make smaller. She's 
taking in 2-3 inches on each side, and there will 
still be plenty of room for movement and to pull 
it on and off. I need to figure out something to close 
the bat wings. I have a photo in my mind's eye, but 
haven't been able to find something like it in the 
physical world yet. Time for a serious internet hunt 
through fabric trim shopping sites. 

I also took two of my Renaissance Festival bat-wing blouses and two of my velvet skirts to my tailor yesterday. She'll make them smaller and less bulky. I wanted her to do a fastening down the open bat-wing sleeves, but we were interrupted by a phone call telling me my alarm service guy was at the shop. So I left it with just the resizing and headed over to the shop to meet with Blohng Vang (my preferred service tech) and get his opinion of what had been causing the false alarms. He checked everything, recommended we have one sensor disconnected (which he then did), and he was on his way. Things should be working properly again now and no more interrupted nights for false alarms.  

I do love a good Poke bowl. I had a Blazing Dragon 
bowl yesterday, but their salmon bowls are also 

So I returned home, treating myself to a sushi bowl on my way home for my lunch. I deserved it - LOL. I dove back into the computer and Etsy and barely surfaced until it was time to go to bed. It was a good day off, though. Busy, but a lot accomplished. I wish I had been able to spend a bit more time outdoors, today we start moving into a heat wave for the next few days, but I was on a roll and didn't want to move everything out to the patio, then back in again later in the day. On that note, I'm out of here. I want my breakfast and my morning tea and it won't just happen when I wave my non-existent magic wand. Have an excellent weekend official Juneteenth (Sunday) and I'll be back on Monday. 

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