Friday, June 17, 2022

The Good, The Bad, and The Schedule - Holidays and Plans

We were slow at the shop yesterday, which was bad. We were slow at the shop yesterday, which was good. We actually managed a respectable sales total by the end of the day, just not with a lot of customers. I was able to spend most of the day working on Etsy, finishing and uploading the 4mm cubes and getting almost ready for the 6mm cubes to go live. I still need one thing done before I can call the 4mm size complete, and I'll try to get that accomplished today. One step at a time. This isn't fast - this is opening a completely new store from ground-up, and that's never something that can happen overnight (unless you're starting a pop-up, which only exists for a weekend or a few days at a festival). 

This was one of 12 pages of 4mm Crystal Cubes that 
I uploaded yesterday onto Etsy and allowed to go 
live. The first photo of each page is the aggregate, 
the following nine pictures are detail shots of each 
individual color. I'm hoping this will help my 
customers see what they might want to purchase 
with greater ease. 

I want to try to get to my tailor's today. I have several lovely tops that I wear for Renaissance Festival that are HUGE on me now. I want them taken in dramatically, and also want the bat-wing sleeves slightly altered to allow for my sun sensitivity. I also have a couple of skirts that are too large in the waist and end up being very uncomfortable after wearing them for a full day at Fest. I might as well have those taken in and the waistbands altered at the same time. 

This photo from 2018 was when I was hunting for a new 
corset. My old one just was too large. I've lost a LOT more 
weight since 2018, and if I had purchased this one, it wouldn't 
fit any more (although alterations of this brand are covered 
for life). It's the shirt that I want altered, though. I have 
the one in black and two in white. They are WAY too 
large and I also need the sleeves altered so that they aren't 
slashed open to the shoulders any more. The wine skirt 
needs to be taken in too. 

My tailor consists of a husband and wife from Vietnam - delightful people who do excellent work at a reasonable cost. They are a bit peculiar - they don't accept credit/debit cards at all. All transactions have to be either via cash or physical check. I haven't written a check (except to the Department of Motor Vehicles) in years, so it's different. But, I don't mind - the money all comes out of the same place, whether by my check-card or a physical paper check. 

It's not that DH can't use credit cards, he uses his 
Target card and his Home Depot card just fine. He 
just prefers to write a check for groceries and other 
sundries. He's such an old geezer sometimes - *sigh*. LOL

My husband is one of those people who still writes checks regularly. He writes checks at the grocery store! He knows how to use a credit card and uses them when needed, but he prefers cash or a check when possible. He leaves the electronic payments up to me, and writes me a household check every month so that I can deposit it and pay the upcoming monthly bills. It's a bit old fashioned, but it works fine for us. 

I suppose we should probably have planned on being 
closed for Juneteenth, but it's such a new holiday, I 
completely forgot. It's not even listed on my calendars. 
Maybe next year it will at least be on the calendars 
as an official holiday. 

Sunday is Juneteenth - our newest Federal holiday. A lot of places will be closed on Monday to celebrate the day, so keep that in mind if you need to do any Federal business. Those offices will be closed, as will a lot of banks and other businesses. Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. I think it's a wonderful holiday to celebrate and to remember. I'll toast the day with tequila and orange juice. But I won't be closed on Monday - I just didn't know about the holiday in time to get it scheduled. So ... have a wonderful Friday and I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up the week. Slava Ukraini. 

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