Thursday, June 16, 2022

Life Can Get Out of Control - As Humans, However, We Need Control

Our temps are back to a comfortable level, and the clouds and storms have left us behind for a little while, so I should be able to see a lovely sunrise today while in the pool. There's just something wonderful about sunrise - it's my favorite time of the day. Sunrise means the day is ahead of me - untrammeled. It means that I can make my decisions to react to things in a positive way, instead of a negative one. I can decide to mindfully react to customers, any problems that arise, or tasks of varying industry through a positive outlook instead of a negative one. That point of view is my own - totally within my own control. 

During the height of Covid, when we were all under 
quarantine, these items were our focus to allow us 
to remain under control of our lives. It hasn't 
really changed much, even though the world has 
re-opened in many respects. 

Of course outside influences will try to intervene. Traffic may be bad, customers might be pushy or even angry (it's rare, but it can happen), the news on the television may be bad (almost a guarantee these days with our world in a trashcan the way that it seems to be), but I can keep an inner core of calm, and while acknowledging the outside influences, hold onto my personal center. Easier said than done? Sometimes. But well worth the attempt and if I fall down, I'll just pick myself up again and continue trying. 

"Normal" is a constantly shifting platform upon which 
we are trying to keep our balance. But looking through 
mankind's history, "normal" is a constantly shifting 
thing - dependent on location, historic/prehistoric 
time period, and politics. Were two small bands 
trying to join forces for their mutual good? Or was 
a King with expansion desires making war on 
the people next door. That's our history - long, bloody, 
and repetitious. Maybe we should try something else. 

Today's task is to finish working on the 4mm cubes so that I can bring that section live into Etsy. Maybe I can start work on the 6mm cubes too. That would be lovely. I'll do the 8mm cubes last, since they are already up from the very beginning and I'm just replacing them with the new format and photos. So I still have quite a bit of work to be done, but I'm farther along the path than I was a month ago. 


After I finish the 4mm size, I'll start on the 6mm size. The 
photos are complete and ready to upload onto Etsy. Here 
is one page from a 6mm splash page in the AB section. You 
can tell from looking at these vs the 4mm from earlier this 
week, there is a serious size difference between the cubes. 

The heat wave has passed over us with yesterday's storms. It's much more comfortable today. We had some serious winds pass over us, but they were to the north, or south, to the east or they never arrived from the west. Places to the east of us were hit by tornadoes, but all we got was a fast rain. It's summer in the Great Plains of the USA, and that's always weather, weather and weather. Come to think of it, that's all of the time because in the Winter, it's the various snow storms, and in the Spring/Summer, it's the rain and wind. Yesterday's swim was under clouds, but today I should be back to watching the sunrise while swimming my mile. Yippee! 

Have an excellent Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. Be kind, be patient and remember to be kind to yourself as well as others. Slava Ukraini. 

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