Thursday, January 13, 2022

Today is a Topsy-Turvy Day - I'm Swimming Instead of Running

Yesterday was hectic, but I got everything finished that was on my agenda, including the bank deposit and shopping at three different grocery stores. Tomorrow I have my Zoom "cook along". I think I'll prep all of my ingredients, but I'm not sure I'll cook along - I think I'd rather watch and take notes, then make the dish afterward with a bit more time. I'm slow on prep and want to watch technique, not be busy and fumble-fingered while trying to keep up with a professional chef. 

I'm curious about how the harissa "lamb" gets wrapped 
around the skewers. I found the Harissa spice at Whole 
Foods yesterday, and it smells quite nice - a little 
sweet, and quite deep with flavor. I'm very curious 
about what it will taste like. 

It's an interesting recipe - Harissa Lamb Kebobs and Ratatouille. Lamb is exorbitantly expensive, so I chose a port tenderloin instead. I got all of the ingredients, then realized as I was going down my checklist yesterday afternoon, that I needed a standard onion as well as the red onion I had already gotten. Oh well, I'll get that tomorrow morning because I don't have time today. 

The recipe says any meat can be used, but it uses lamb. 
Lamb in my part of the country is VERY expensive, 
so I Googled to find out a good lamb substitute and it 
came up with pork. Pork is very affordable, so that's 
what I got - a nice 1-pound pork tenderloin. 

Today is a topsy-turvy day - a day when I should be on the treadmill, but instead I'm in the swimming pool. I thought they had opened the reservation system to 15 people, but according to my Gate Gargoyle, they actually only did that for the 6:00 and 7:00 am time slots and it's experimental. My 5:00 am is still at a maximum of 10 people. Usually I don't have a problem getting in, but it didn't work this time. So, I'm swimming today. I'll live with it, but I'm a person who appreciates routine (enough other things outside of my control can throw me off track). I've got my audio book, I've got a clean towel, and I'm ready to go. 

It was warm enough yesterday to allow for sunbathing 
(for the hardy or foolhardy), but I'm in winter mode - 
i.e., cold almost all the time. Today will be another 
nice day, although not quite as warm. 

Today will be another nice day. We actually got up to 40 F yesterday - shocking for this time of the year. Today won't be quite as nice, but still pretty good. We're back into snow tomorrow, though, so I'm really grateful that I'm not working tomorrow. I'll get my onion early, and I'll be able to stay home while the flakes begin to fall. It'll be DH's problem to deal with getting home from the shop in the snow tomorrow night. I'll have to shovel (probably several times), but I can manage that. 

I'm out of here. The swimming pool is calling me. Have an excellent day and I'll be back tomorrow, just in time for the swirling snows of winter to return again. Peace and love to all. 

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