Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Roll With the Punches - Remember Bumbles Bounce

Happy Wednesday. Yesterday my schedule got messed up a little bit - I was a touch late making my swimming reservation for Friday, and couldn't get into the session! That's rare - the 5:00 am group is usually immutable. But, for whatever reason (and I'm blaming Gail - a lovely woman who has decided to swim with us instead of at her usual YMCA, about 20 minutes closer to her home), I was unable to get the final open slot. So ... I tried Thursday instead, and got that. I'll swim today and tomorrow, and run on Friday and Saturday. Not the end of the world, we have to roll with the punches that life throws at us. 

You've got to roll with the punches that life will 
sometimes throw at you. Flexibility will allow 
you to live through the storms and rise anew with 
the next dawn. 

The key to rolling with the punches is to roll with grace. Although I'm not happy with swimming tomorrow instead of Friday, I also recognize that it's far from the end of the world, and that it was my own fault for forgetting to register right away. I'll still have most of the same people swimming with me - Rosemary swims Monday-Friday and has for many years, and I'm pretty sure that some or all of the "Three Amigos" will also be there. 

When life throws a punch at you, your reactions 
are key. Roll with the punch, then get up, dust 
yourself off, and continue your journey. 

How do you deal with the changes that life throws at you? Do you rant and rail? Do you grit your teeth and try to push your way through the change, only to come out a bit bruised and battered, maybe even bloody, on the other side? Do you sit down and let the change wash over you as if it was the tide rolling in? Be careful! You can drown if you do that. 

Remember, from the old and beloved animated 
film "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" that 
Bumbles bounce. Be like the Bumble and 
bounce when you fall off the cliff. Your mind 
and body will be much happier if you bounce 
rather than if you break. 

No, to accept change, you need to be an active participant. Not striking out, but not ignoring the change either. You have to acknowledged the change, look at it carefully from all directions, and then internalize it. How does it taste, what does it hear like? Is there light or darkness? Are your feelings active or are they reactive? When a million thoughts are running through your mind, just let them go. Acknowledge them, but don't dwell on them. Clarity will come if you allow your mind to do what it does best - sift through the detritus and find the jewel. 

I know the dish is a lamb dish (although he says any meat 
can be used, and I'll use something MUCH less expensive 
than lamb). It's a k-bob and it sounded really interesting 
and WildFit approved (since it's actually a WildFit 
cooking class). I'm intrigued, and it works with my schedule, 
so I'm going to try and Zoom this on Friday. Now to find 
the Harissa spice. I'll try my co-op first - their unusual 
spices are quite extensive. 

Well, this got rather meditative, but that's not a bad thing. I'm going to plug in some photos, and get going to the gym. The pool awaits. Later I'll go grocery shopping, deposit the sales tax $ at the corporate bank, and try to find Harissa spice. I have a cook-along on Friday that needs it, and it'll be a bit harder than finding black pepper - LOL. Have an excellent Wednesday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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