Friday, January 14, 2022

Snow and Cooking and Shoveling and Errands - Busy ... Yeah, Busy

Today is turning into a very busy day, and we'll have snow to add to it all, so I'll be shoveling the driveway at least once this afternoon, and maybe more than once (all depending on how much snow we're getting from this storm front). The bulk of the storm is southerly, heading across toward Tennessee, and on the northern part of the Cities, we're not expected to get as much as places south of us. Still, even though 1-2 inches is better than 3-4, it will require me to grab my shovel and clear things out. 

My Alkagizers never look quite this green, although 
fresh veggies are what it consists of. It's a mix of 
lots of green veggies (variety is important), some fresh 
lime juice, an avocado or two, peppers - mild and hot - 
and whatever looks good. I love my "Ogre Juice" and 
usually have it five days a week. 

I'll be starting my day by dropping a couple of Priority Mail packages at the Post Office, and then getting to the grocery store. I forgot to get a white onion for today's "cook along", and I also have decided to make another batch of "Ogre Juice" today to eliminate the problem of being one day short before my next batch on Wednesday. "Ogre Juice" takes 1-1/2 hours to make. I've got it down to a science, but there's always some prep work that has to happen. Prep work takes time. 

I've been watching "Next Level Chef" and 
it's got possibilities. Fifteen contestants all 
vying to be the winner, three professional chefs 
to mentor them (five amateurs for each chef's 
team), and a bizarre 3-level kitchen that will 
test their ability to cook under any conditions. 

When I watch cooking shows and they give the cooks 1/2 hour or less to create something amazing from scratch, I'm always amazed that it's possible at all. Prep work is so time consuming, I simply don't understand how they could possible get everything cut up and cooked and plated within the appropriate time frame. I guess that's why they aspire to be professional cooks, and why I absolutely and positively DO NOT. LOL

I adore "Project Runway" as my long-time readers know 
well. I could care less that we don't have Karlie Kloss 
this year. We have the important people - Christian, Elaine, 
Nina and Brandon. We're getting down now, and everyone 
not eliminated is talented and putting out good work. Now 
it's a good and fun competition - LOL. 

I also want to make sure I catch up on Project Runway today. Now that "Battlebots" is back on Thursday nights (so happy about that!), my Thursday night is booked. I prefer to catch "Project Runway" via Peacock on Fridays anyway, I avoid most of the advertisements that way, and can pause the replay if I need to make an interruption. 

DH and I have been "Battlebots" fans for years. Having it 
back on TV again is so much fun! 

So today will be shopping and chopping, blending and watching, and generally doing some catch-up work. It's going to be a very busy, but rather fun day (except for the snow). I hope your day is wonderful and filled with joy. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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