Tuesday, November 23, 2021

It's a Busy Time of the Year - I'm Moving a Mountain, One Shovel at a Time

I was too rushed to get much done on my cards yesterday, but I already know I'm running a bit behind schedule. I need one more element for the card interior, and must decide on that today. To that effect, I'm bringing my entire bin of stamps to the shop with me. I'll try to look through them and choose what I need, then bring the bin back home with me tonight - there's no sense to accumulating tools at the shop. The bin has a home in my craft room (even if I still can't move in there because of all we pulled out of the basement storage room when it flooded in late August). I really need to reclaim that room, and I'll try to get started on that no later than the beginning of next year. 

Tasks that are large and multi-faceted are always 
a mountain to be climbed. But to move a mountain 
of dirt, you need to pick up the shovel and start 
moving it, one shovel, and one wheelbarrow at 
a time. I've got my pile of "to-do's" down to 1/4 
size, but there's still a lot to be done before the cards 
get into the mail. 

I'll finalize my mailing list on Thursday and print out the envelopes. My two-day Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale begins on Friday, so I don't get Friday off, I have Thanksgiving instead. Tomorrow's schedule will be intense - swimming, straight on to grocery shopping, then a 3-hour Zoom call followed by a 1-hour Zoom call. If I get a lot done on the cards before work on Friday and Saturday, I'll be able to start the final assembly on Sunday. It's going to be several days of intensive work from now until Monday. 

My list doesn't comprise good and bad 
children, my list is mailing addresses for 
my Solstice cards. I still have to check 
it every year, making sure addresses are 

On today's schedule is hanging the garland at the shop. I'm a believer in allowing every holiday it's own time, so I don't put up the Christmas decorations until just before Thanksgiving. DH and Chickie can deal with the Christmas tree tomorrow. I despise putting trees up and hanging ornaments. Decorated trees are lovely, and if they are real (which the one at the shop is NOT), they smell delightful. However, they're a lot of work, a lot of mess, and have to be well-tended else they become a fire hazard. When it comes to Christmas trees, I'm a bit of a Scrooge. 

I like Christmas trees. More 
specifically, I like real Christmas 
trees. I love that pine scent, I love 
the feel of the branches. But we 
haven't put up any trees at home 
in years. I got totally over it while 
I had multiple shops. After getting 
them all decorated, I wasn't in the 
mood for home trees at all. 

So there you go. Busy as usual is my byline for the next few days. I'll still be posting, and I'll still be in the swimming pool on Wednesday and Friday. I'll be working on this and on that, talking with friends throughout the world, reaching out to friends on DW and LJ through my blog and my cards, and generally having a lovely time being busy, because busy isn't always a bad thing. I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, please be kind and leave smiles behind you as you pass today. 

And, would you like a special treat? Go to   https://www.yourclassical.org/mpr  (Minnesota Public Ratio) and click on Cantus singing "Simple Gifts". Cantus, a local men's acapella group, has been a favorite of mine for years and years. This was a beautiful way to start my day today. 

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