Monday, November 22, 2021

Football, Hockey, Grantchester - It Was a Good Sunday - FINAL CALLOUT FOR CARDS

We had a relaxing Sunday with football, Chipotle, and hockey. For football, the Vikings won by 3 in a thrilling back and forth game with long-time rivals, the Green Bay Packers. It was a see-saw game with both teams playing their utmost and was very entertaining. (The Broncos were on a "bye" week, fortunately, since they haven't been playing well, and just traded away their best player??? Can't figure out why they did that - stupid in my book). 

The Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay games are always 
highly charged because of the cross-border rivalry. 
It was a really well played game and very entertaining. 

The hockey game quite literally came down to the final shot in an overtime shoot-off. We lost, but at least we got one point, and we played really well. It was a very exciting game to watch. At the end of the day we watched the final episode of Season 6 of "Grantchester", a show we adore. We can hardly wait for Season 7 which is in production now. 

The MN Wild were on the second day of a two-day 
double-header with Florida teams. Tampa Bay won the 
Stanley Cup last year, so it was going to be a hard one, 
especially after the Florida Panthers the day before. 
But we pulled out a point and played really, really 
well. We held out own against an excellent team and 
it was a fun game to watch. 

Not that I watched a lot - I listened more than I watched, because I was busy trying to complete Stage 4 of my Holiday Cards, and beginning the final assembly of the interior panels. I can only do six of those at a time, so they will take a bit of time, but I can now do the final planning for the actual card interior as well as the envelope. I usually spend Thanksgiving Day printing out my envelopes, so ... this is the FINAL CALL OUT FOR CARDS. I have a few people I'll be contacting directly because I'm not sure they read LJ or DW any more. I've dropped a few people and have added a few new people, because that's the fun of life. New friends, new contacts. 

 I have a feeling I'll have to double-up on my postage 
this year, but that's OK. I'm pretty happy with how this 
year's card is coming together. So this is it - your final 
chance to get onto the list. If you want a card, let me 
know. I'm cutting off sign-up on Wednesday night. 

So all-in-all, it was a good weekend. This week I'll have Wednesday and Thursday off, and will work Friday and Saturday for our Two-Day Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sale. It's one of only two times a year when we do massive discounts on our products, and we usually do pretty well with the sales days. We'll see how it goes this year - there's really no predicting. I'll finalize that mailing list when I get to the shop and send the email off to my customers who have signed up to receive it. I'm crossing my Rubicon, let's see what comes from it. 

Supposedly Cesar said "alea iacta est" as he crossed 
the Rubicon to begin his march towards Rome. He cast 
his die, I'm casting my own. I have deadlines and still 
have a lot to do. Some years I'm finalizing my cards 
on Thanksgiving Day. This year I will still have quite 
a bit more to do, but I am finalizing my mailing list. 

Have a lovely Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. On tomorrow's agenda - making the store holiday-ready - mounting my tinsel garland and putting up my wreaths. DH and Chickie get to deal with the tree on Wednesday - something I abhor dealing with. Have an excellent Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. Now ... off to the swimming pool. 

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