Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I'll Be a Whirlwind Today - Too Much To Do!

Today is massively busy. It's my Wednesday - so the usual chores of laundry and housecleaning and picking up a chicken in the afternoon still exist (that chicken might be harder - I might have a VERY long line to purchase one chicken). Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everything is closed. My local grocery store will also be closed on Friday - so yeah - the lines at the grocers today might be massive. 

I'm hoping to miss the worst of the crowds by shopping 
really early, but I know I'll hit some. I'm guaranteed 
to hit crowds when I return in the afternoon to get my 
chicken for dinner. That might be horrific. One chicken 
and a very long line. 

I'll swim first - it's Wednesday and I'm in the pool for my mile. That's one very good thing. But from there, my agenda shifts. I'm not even bothering to return home. I'm going straight to my local grocery store with my list. From there, no matter how long or short it takes, I'm off to my Co-op where I want to get some of the new yogurt I found and a couple of other things. The lines might be horrid there too, but I think they'll be far less in length. Finally, I'm off to Whole Foods for my non-grain bread and five pieces of fruit. Thank goodness, they have a self-checkout section there, so I'll probably use that. 

I usually use the self check-out at Whole Foods. I've gotten 
quite good at punching in the codes for my fruits. 

After I finally can return home and get everything into the house, I have a special three-hour Zoom call scheduled that I would like to catch, followed by a different one-hour Zoom call. I can glue card groupings together while I'm listening to these. Finally, around 2 pm, I'll breathe a bit. Of course laundry needs to be pigeonholed into all of this. I've already got one load in the washer, but I usually do three loads on Wednesday. At the end of the day I have my usual phone call with Aearwen, something I always look forward to. So, I'll be on the phone or computer a lot today after my expeditions into the grocery shops on the day before Thanksgiving. 

I suspect I'll sleep very well tonight - LOL. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I won't do a formal post, just a quick check-in to with all of you a good day. We've got 11:00 am reservations for a nice Thanksgiving meal, and if I have a chicken in the refrigerator from my Wednesday, DH will have the "carcass to pick at" that he requested. We're both hoping we'll have an oven by Christmas. *sigh* Shipping is so *-cked-up* right now. I'm not counting on anything, but I'm certainly hoping - a LOT. I'll catch up with all of your emails and responses late today, and I'll be reading through posts tomorrow, too. I should be back on even keel on Friday, when I go to the shop for the first day of our annual "2-Day After Thanksgiving Blow-Out Sale". 

Our Thanksgiving Day meal will not feature a full roasted 
turkey, but we'll have a nice meal at the restaurant too, I'm 
sure. If I have an oven by Christmas, I'll roast a turkey 
for us then. 

Have an excellent day, be kind, be generous with yourself or your time, and I'll be back for a quick post tomorrow. I treasure each of you - you have enriched my life more than you would ever believe. 

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