Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Swimming Thoughts and Window Speculations

I successfully grabbed a 5:00 am swimming slot for tomorrow and Friday, so I'm set for the week. Reservations can only be made 72 hours in advance, and there are a total of 10 open slots for swimming for each slot. People like Jeannie (our Senior Olympics Gold Medal winner) grab two continuous slots - she swims for two hours ... well, closer to 1-1/2 hours since she doesn't rush to get into the pool. Still, we have a total of five lanes in the pool and with a restriction of two people per lane maximum, the total number of swimmers is 10. 

I'm not a fan of chain swimming. I don't think anyone really 
is. When you're dealing with a group of people who swim 
similar times, it's not horrid, but when people are swimming 
who vary in tempo, it can be horribly annoying. 

I admit I find that a relief, although in pre-Covid days, Rosemary and I usually shared a lane, and I can only recall two times when we needed to share with a third person. I really hate chain circling, I think most swimmers aren't fond of it, When you're forced to chain because there are too many swimmers for the allotted lanes, it's rather horrid. You're stuck behind the slower swimmers, or you can attempt to pass, but doing so puts you in the way of the swimmers returning to the start wall. Limiting our numbers to no more than two per lane eliminates that issue completely. 

Now that I'm somewhat comfortable in the water again, it's 
time to start working on technique - fine tuning and 
refining. My kick right now is horrid. I need to work on 
my flutter kick and get the power back into it. I also need 
to refine my arm positions and once again, try to work 
on kick-turns. I'm totally horrid at those. 

I'm not back to full speed or strength yet, by any definition. I have absolutely no power in my legs, they kick out behind me, but they're not doing their job in helping my propulsion. As usual, I can't "dolphin kick" at all because it bothers my back, and about the only way my legs give propulsion is with a frog kick during breast stroke. My arms carry me through both freestyle and backstroke. When I grab my kickboard for a couple of laps with just my feet, I stall out when my shove-off propulsion has diffused. I'll have to look up some exercises for my kicks once I'm caught up with my computer work for today. 

Looking at the window in daylight, before DH did a second 
tape job on the cracks, it's not really great. It's a very large 
pane of glass and it's going to be an expensive replacement. 

I spoke to our insurance company yesterday and they said the window is likely the responsibility of our landlord, but to send them the relevant parts of our lease agreement and photos and they would let us know for sure. I suspect they are right, and I'll probably have to approach our landlord by the end of the week. We get along very well with out landlord - we moved in 1993 or so, do most of our repairs by ourselves, and he has never, in all of that long span of years, raised our rent. He has repainted the interior once, and fixed the roof from leaks several times, did some work on the plumbing, and recommended a good furnace guy to us when our furnace broke mid-winter several years ago. He lives around the corner. His Dad was friends with my father-in-law, which was the "in" we needed to get the property when we needed it. All in all, it's been a great relationship, and I don't want to rock the boat. If necessary, we'll pay for the repair and just expense it on our taxes. 

The best premise is that someone was riding the 
Lime scooter (legally or illegally) and hit the 
join between the sidewalk and our store's apron, 
losing control of the scooter and having it 
strike the window. I don't think the break 
was purposeful, I think it was an accident. 
Still, we'll end up paying the price. *sigh*

So, that's all the news today. Not much going on ... same old, same old - LOL. A few more rivers to ford, but we'll manage to pull our way through them. I hope you have a truly splendid day and I'll be back tomorrow, and please, be kind and stay safe. 

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