Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sheets and Economy - I Look For Affordable - Chickie Bought A $2000 Couch!

Today is my "day off", the last day off I get until next week Friday (except Sunday, which is always an "off" day until December 1st). I received the last part of my holiday cards materials yesterday, so I can drop into full creation mode beginning on Thursday. I must remember to bring my personal cutter over to the shop. I have a marvelous cutter already over there, but it doesn't cut a straight line relative to the stops. In other words, it'a not a true 90 degree corner. I need precise cutting for the interiors of my cards, so I don't have options. I'll have to use my personal cutter - more accurate, but a lot slower. 

I got this set of new sheets from Kohl's. It's only 300 thread 
count, but that's fine. It'll last for 1-2 years at minimum,. and 
was on sale for $50 (Queen set with fitted bottom and two 
pillow cases). Delivery was free, and I like the minimal 
pattern on it. It'll get washed today and used next week. 

I also received a new set of bed sheets in yesterday's shipments. One of the two sets I alternate with developed a small tear in the bottom sheet from wear. It wasn't any fancy sheet - just a permanent press cotton set from Target - but when they wear out, it's time to replace them. I prefer sheets with a definite pattern (stripes) so that I know exactly what corner of the bottom sheet fits where. I found a good set at Kohl's and they offered free delivery, so I grabbed it and they arrived at the shop yesterday. Today I'm adding them into the laundry because sheets must be washed before being used. They'll go onto the bed next week, probably on Friday since I'll have to work next Wednesday. 

The couch that Chickie bought is similar to this 
one. It's not the exact model, because they pulled the 
exact one from their website because they were 
down to only three remaining. I hope she'll enjoy 
her new couch. It should last her for many years, 
so the cost will be amortized, but I'd still have 
serious hesitations about the cost factor. 

Chickie will start her one week's vacation on Thursday, and I hope she has a relaxing time. She just bought a new leather couch over the weekend, which will be delivered to her place on Tuesday. I know she's looking forward to it - she sleeps in a recliner, and it's been broken for quite a while. The new couch has two recliners and a stationary center section. It's leather and quite fancy and the cats will more than likely ignore it because it is leather, not fabric. It was a LOT of money, and she doesn't really have a lot, but she said she had enough saved, and it wasn't from a high-end furniture store (Becker Furniture is basically like the WalMart of furniture stores in our area). To her, the expense was worth it. To me, I'm not sure I would have spent that much. But that's just me and my crazy priorities. 

My big expense yesterday was the receipt of four 
sets of swim goggles from Amazon. Two of them 
were Aegend Flat Lens goggles - highly rated. 
I purchased them from Amazon. If they don't work '
out, they will be returned. I'm picky about my 
goggles, have thrown away more sets than I 
can count because they hurt my eyes or they 
leaked. I need comfortable, waterproof goggles 
for my swimming. (I'm also cheap - they have to 
be affordable since I go through several sets a year.) 

I'm, heading out to the pool is a few minutes, so I'll plug in some pictures and get going. Have a glorious Wednesday and I'll be back tomorrow. I'll catch up with comments and your posts when I get back from playing guppy in the water. Have an excellent Wednesday. 

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