Monday, October 11, 2021

A Quiet Sunday - Books and Iced "Cream" Choices

It was a quiet day, yesterday, starting out with an hour of meditation, just because I could. No rush this Sunday. No Renaissance Festival to run to, no errands to do, just relaxing (with one load of laundry) and running out at 4:00 pm to get Chipotle for dinner. A day of football, some computer work, and preparing for swimming today and this week's schedule. Chickie will be taking a week off starting on Thursday, so making sure I can get my Alkagizers made and my schedule arranged was primary on my mental list. 

I finished "Crocodile on the Sandbank" 
yesterday, and loaded "The Curse 
of the Pharaohs" onto my new Aftershokz 
Xtrainerz bone induction headphones. 
I'm looking forward to these new headphones, 
and I'm hoping I have the volume set 
correctly, since I'm almost blind in the pool, 
and I'm concentrating on my stokes, 
not the controls of my headphones. 

There were a few things I needed to do. I wanted to finish Book 1 of my Amelia Peabody series, since I already had Book 2 loaded up on my new Xtranerz bone induction headphones. Those will be getting their first run in the swimming pool today, and I'm quite hopeful for some success with them. 

I've been a long-time fan of Janet Evanovich's 
Stephanie Plum series. I think I stopped listening/reading 
them when she reached Book 20 or so. I know she 
just released Book 28, apparently co-written with 
her son. I got frustrated with the character constantly 
vacillating between Joe Morelli and Ranger. Just 
make up your mind already! Me? I'm in the Ranger 
camp. There's something wonderful and somewhat 
dangerous about him that really appeals to me. 

Since I had Amelia Peabody loaded on my new underwater headphones (which I can also wear while on the treadmill if I want), I thought I'd put a different series onto my waterproof iPod, so I downloaded the first of the Stephanie Plum novels onto it yesterday afternoon. I don't own ALL of these books, but I do own at least the first 20 or so, so I have lots to listen to. Between Amelia Peabody and Stephanie Plum, I've got two really fun book series to listen to that will take me most of the way through 2022. 

Some of you may be dairy-sensitive, or have 
a desire for an iced cream that doesn't 
contain dairy. If that's you, here's a wonderful 
alternative iced cream that I highly recommend. 

I wanted to share a find with all of you. Since I had wonderful dairy-free ice cream at the State Fair, I was suddenly aware that there was such a thing - an iced 'cream' that would actually taste rich and wonderful and that wouldn't contain dairy products. I've been on a hunt ever since, and found two different brands at Whole Foods last week. One was meh - OK, but I don't think I'd repeat. The other ... OMG!!! So good!!! It's called "Nada Moo" and it's amazingly good. 

I think making a good vanilla iced dessert is the true 
test of any manufacturer. "Nada Moo" is spectacular - 
rich, creamy, good flavor, all the things I look for in 
an iced "cream". They have a lot of flavors too, although 
Whole Foods only carried three or four. Nada Moo does 
mail order, so I'll probably put an order together 
for next year. This year, I'll be just fine with the 
occasional pint. 

Nada Moo comes in a lot of different flavors but I tried a standard - Organic Vanilla Bean. I wanted to taste the ice cream, not the flavor, and see what I thought, and vanilla has always been my favorite flavor. It was AMAZING! I'm absolutely getting this again, and their other flavors too. The base of their iced 'cream' is coconut milk and they use agave syrup for their sweetener. Yes, it's a sugar, but it's not a refined sugar and in the realm of choices, it's a good choice (or not as bad as most sugars). Honey or pure maple syrup would be even better, but I can live with agave. So, I'm recommending this to those of you looking for an alternative non-dairy iced cream. Give it a try. I'll be getting this again. 

Time to do a little computer work before I head out to the gym and the pool. Have an excellent Monday and I'll be back on Tuesday. 

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