Saturday, October 9, 2021

There's Nothing Like A Security Alarm at 12:30 am!

I'm going to be dragging today. Bleh! I went to sleep shortly after 9:00 pm, as usual, but was awakened by the house phone shortly before 1:00 am. It was our security company telling us that the front door/window alarm had been tripped at the store and that the police had been contacted. We got dressed and went over there. 

Looking towards the street through the decorative rod iron 
security bars we have across our front, it was pretty obvious 
there was a serious hole and a lot of cracks. I grabbed my 
broom and dustpan and started cleaning up the detritus. 

Sure enough, our alarm was blaring. DH shut off the alarm and we went in and headed toward the front windows. We have walls on the south and north, with other businesses on each side. The back is brick and stonework with a steel door. In the past, that door has been forced open. I think we've had three times when a break-in was attempted through the back door, but it's pretty solid and it's been secure for a few years now. This is the first time anyone has tried anything from the front - full windows from side to side with a glass door for customer entry/exit. 

Looking from the street view into the store, 
you get a good look at my hardwood flooring, 
as well as our cases (which we always cover 
overnight since the George Floyd riots. It's 
not a huge hole, but it's far larger than a bullet 
hole would be, and smaller than a baseball. 
To me, it looks like an elbow - possibly from a 
drunken student being pushed by a friend on 
his way home from the bar. 

Looking at the position of the hole in the glass, it looked more like a strike out in anger or maybe a fight on the street where someone got pushed into the glass. I don't think it was intentional, although it certainly leaves us with a mess to take care of on a weekend. While I swept up shards of glass, DH found cardboard large enough to cover the hole, then went outside and taped down the cracks and across the hole with duct tape (his go-to tape for almost anything - we should own stock in that company - LOL). 

I don't think it was a baseball (and there was no baseball or 
rock inside the store, so I'm saying it wasn't a projectile 
at all). Baseballs through glass leave round holes, and, 
although it could have been a rock, that rock should have 
been somewhere on the floor of the store. So no - it was 
an impact of some sort, but not a projectile. 

I contacted the police and spoke to the officer who had stopped by. He had gone before we arrived. I'm sure there were many more important things than a simple hole in the window. He was speculating rock or baseball bat. I told him the bat might be a possibility, but there was no sign inside of any projectile causing the hole. If it had been a smaller hole, it could have been a gunshot, but no. I've seen gunshot holes before and this just wasn't one. 

I may never know what caused the glass to break, but 
I really hope no-one was harmed. I also hope the 
insurance company foots the bill for replacing the 
window. It's a large expanse of glass and it won't 
be inexpensive. 

So, it's a bit of a mystery. My suspicion is that someone either struck it with intent, or pushed someone else into the glass (in which case, I hope they weren't harmed too badly). I've got a sheet of cardboard over the break right now, I'm eternally grateful that our temperatures are still relatively mild and it isn't the middle of winter, and I'll be contacting my insurance company and my landlord first thing later today. 

Perhaps I should call Sherlock Snoopy and set him 
on the case - LOL. I'll probably never know why/how 
my window was broken, but I'm glad the shop seems 
untouched and replacing the glass is relatively minor. 

I got home, and decided it simply wasn't worth going back to sleep, so I'll be dragging today with less than four hours. I did take the opportunity to have an extended session of meditation - I needed to recapture my equilibrium. But I was too tired to do my entire two miles on the treadmill, I only managed 1-1/2 mile today. Still, things could have been much worse and I'm very grateful to whatever entity has watched over me during these years. I'll work today, call it an early night tonight, and try my best to sleep in tomorrow. I think I need it. Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday. 

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