Friday, May 13, 2022

Retail - Never A Dull Moment

It's never a dull moment in retail. This morning, just after I had finished eating a lovely pear for breakfast - after I had been on the treadmill, taken my shower, and gotten dressed for the day - I received a phone call from my security company. There was an interior alarm at the shop. Knowing that getting an interior alarm without a breach of either the back or front door or another broken front window, I wasn't overly concerned, but quickly tossed on my jacket and headed over to check the place out. 

There's really no way for any interior alarm to happen 
without an exterior alarm happening first. Of course 
things can fall off walls or shelves, but that didn't 
seem to be the case. I'll have to keep an eye out - maybe 
that motion sensor is deficient. 

Sure enough, everything looked fine - no intruders, no breach of any entrances, and no mice (that I could see - LOL). I cleared the alarm, reset it, and returned home. Once here, I directed DH to get the motion detectors dusted today, provided him with an extendable duster, and returned to what I had been doing - writing my daily blog. The only disadvantage I could see for my quick back-and-forth run ... my tea is tepid. *sigh* LOL

The only disadvantage of this quick trip was my tea 
getting cold. I could reheat it in the microwave, but 
that's just ick. I'll just drink tepid tea and look forward 
to a second cup that's nice and hot. 

Yesterday, I spent the entire day transferring Wednesday's photos of Swarovski crystal cubes into the laptop, then bringing them up one at a time, cropping them, resizing them, and renaming them so that I can use them for my Etsy listings. I had fifty photos I had taken on Wednesday to process and it took me most of the day to get them pulled over, revised, and ready for use. 

I still need to upload the revised 8mm crystal cubes pages, 
but I'm working on the photography of the 6mm cubes 
right now. I have a lot more 6mm cubes than I do 
8mm (and even more 4mm cubes). I need to do this 
regularly to get that category fully up and running. Then 
I can start on the next shape - I have a LOT of 
crystals that I want to get listed. 

Today's goal is to finish the photography on the 6mm crystals. I got a bit less than half of them done on Wednesday in three hours. I want to push to finish this size today, but I also need to get to the grocery store, and I'd like to make another four Alkagizers so that I won't be in a time crunch next week. I'll have to see what I can do, but I'll do whatever I can. The photos simply won't take themselves, and I have it down to a formula now. 

Let's jump right into the day. It's going to be a good 
one, I'm just focused on that - LOL. 

So, that's my excitement for the day - a false alarm, a drive out and back on what proved to be a lovely morning after the storms, and a day to be spent indoors doing fussy work. Oh joy! I hope your day is a bit more exciting than mine - although mine started out with a bang. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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