Saturday, May 14, 2022

It was a Good Day Off - Lots of Different Things Accomplished

I did manage to get three pages of crystals photographed, but when I was putting the 4th page pieces onto the master sheet, I realized I was missing one of the colors. Checking the other bags didn't produce it, so I texted DH to bring a pack home with him and closed up the photography area until next week. I'll work on the three pages I did until then, and there are other things I can do. I still have to upload the new 8mm sheets onto Etsy, and when I'm satisfied, I'll pull off the old 8mm sheets. It's tricky to completely change over like this, but doing it now will save headaches later. 

Changing my Etsy listings from a page of 16 to a page 
of nine will allow me to showcase the crystal more, 
and work with photographs to my advantage. Each 
crystal will have the overall shot as well as one 
close-up. I think that will be helpful, since crystals 
want to sparkle. 

Of course, I hope I'm too busy at the shop to actually get this done today, but there's no way to predict the traffic we'll get from our crafters and collectors. The Twin Cities Car Show is taking place at the State Fairgrounds over the weekend, so that might bring in some traffic, but it's a destination and we're a side trip. 

This is the second time I've made this recipe, and 
I was much happier with it. Next time I think I'll 
add a little vanilla to the batch. I think that would 
be lovely. 

Since I had some time yesterday, having stopped work on photography, I decided to make a batch of cookies. I make these nut butter and date cookies that are quite tasty, using the food processor I inherited from my mother. The first time I made the cookies, it was a bit of a disaster. I was hoping things would go more smoothly this time, and it did! I pr-soaked my dates, which made a difference, and I used a different brand of nut butter which was fantastic. They all creamed up beautifully. I got them into the oven and they rose, just like they were supposed to. I was shocked - LOL. It was still a bit messy, but SO much easier than last time. 

My local grocer had some pre-marinated chicken tenderloins 
for sale that used ingredients that were WildFit 
approved. They baked up beautifully and were very 
tasty. I'll finish them off tonight. Yummy! 

I also took advantage of a hot oven to bake some seasoned chicken tenderloins for dinner last night and tonight. that also turned out great - thank goodness for remote thermometers - I probably would have overcooked the chicken without using mine. So, on a hot day, I spent a good part of the afternoon heating up the kitchen by using the oven. Silly me - but I had a lovely dinner last night and another one planned for tonight. 

For a long time, I was the one who used the grill. I'm 
actually really good at it. I know how to use indirect 
heat and how to control the temperature. DH took 
over at some point, probably because he complained 
about something I cooked and I refused to cook any 
more (that happens a lot). He's not as good. He has 
one temperature - hot. But, he buys the steak, he 
can cook it. He usually does OK on steak, but 
not much else. 

It's looking like it will be a nice Sunday, so DH took some sirloins out of the freezer and will grill them for dinner on Sunday. It'll be my delayed birthday dinner. I'll fry up some onions and mushrooms, and maybe I'll run to the store and grab some lettuce. It should be a nice dinner and I'm looking forward to it. On that note, I'm out of here. Have an excellent weekend and I'll be back on Monday. Slava Ukraini. 

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