Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Alterations - A Thought About Wardrobe That Fits (What a concept!)

Late in April I dropped four skirts off at a local tailor's to be taken in. I needed four or more inches pulled in on every one of them - they just were falling off me. I had done the "Great Skirt Try-On" a few weeks earlier where I pulled every skirt out of my closet and tried it on before the day ended. I ended up donating 9 to Goodwill, decided on four for the tailor, hung 15 back into the closet as "OK to wear as is", and have one bag of "maybes" that I'm still keeping but probably will end up donating. The four I took over were my absolute favorite skirts, or just ones that were unique and hand-done. 

My jeans skirt is quite similar to this - long 
and cylindrical, with a knee-high back 
slit for ease in walking. I've missed being 
able to wear this one - it's a long-time 

I've been wearing the altered skirts now for a few days and I'm very happy. I had missed these skirts. Yesterday I indulged by wearing my favorite jeans skirt - long with a back slit up to my knees, it quite literally had been falling off me. She pulled in at least four inches and probably could have done a bit more, and it's quite comfy now. Years ago I had sewn decorative ribbon around the back knee split, and I'm still happy with that look. I was quite pleased to be able to wear it again. 

Although my reversible skirt isn't this 
particular pattern, you'll get an idea of 
what I mean by the photo. It's actually 
two completely different skirts, joined 
at the waistband. Either side can be 
facing out, and it's a totally different look 
depending on which side is chosen. 

Today I'm wearing an In/Out reversible skirt that again, I had been falling out of. This skirt is totally reversible, with different fabrics on each side. I love the versatility of it. I haven't made up my mind which side I'll want out today, but that's a decision I can make on the fly when I'm dressing at the gym after my swim. 

Do you have favorite clothes you enjoy wearing? Have you ever had things professionally altered to fit you properly? I'm quite sure that many of you did have your wedding dresses altered to fit, but maybe that was the only gown/dress/outfit or suit you've ever had to shift. I only know that for a little over $25 for each skirt, it was well worth hiring Kim's Tailoring to alter four pieces I loved. They are now hanging back in my closet, taking their positions as clothes of possibility for the next day. Have an excellent day, be kind, and please spare prayers and kind thoughts for the people of Ukraine who are suffering so very much. Slava Ukraini. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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