Friday, November 19, 2021

Upgraded By Necessity and the Window Saga Wraps Up

I wanted to get a duplicate of my current blender yesterday morning, and the Target website had stated they had two available at the location I used. Unfortunately, although I examined the aisle of blenders very carefully, my specific model was not among them.  I ended up with the next model up - the 1400 Watt instead of the 1200 Watt I had at home. I still get two more drink containers which is handy, and the blade is the same, which is also good because it does a good job. The most important thing was the main pitcher and that was 72 ounces, just what I wanted. It was $40 more *le sigh*, but that can't be helped. I'll start saving for a Vitamix IF they have one with the container size I need. 

I got the Ninja Pro 1400 Watt system. I'm not 100% 
sure if it comes with the food processor bowl on 
the far right or not, I haven't unpacked it yet. I have 
it sitting in the back of my car until later today. I know 
the food processor bowl costs more than $60, so if 
it comes with that, it might be worth the extra $40 
the system cost me. Still, it was an expense I really 
didn't need, especially around the holidays. 

Why is the container size so important? There are a lot of blenders out there, and they have a variety of containers with amounts vastly different. The recipe I've developed for my Ogre Juice (Alkagizer) makes over 72 ounces and fits four storage containers perfectly. Each of the storage containers fills one of my travel glasses perfectly. It means I don't have to be bothered blending every day or two. I can do a batch of four and if I pace things well, I only have to mess my kitchen up one or two times a week. 

This is what my front window bottom had looked like 
after I had the glass company silicone a second sheet 
above the shattered glass. Without that, with our 
lowering temperatures and harsh winds, we probably 
would have completely lost the window before the 
new pane was ready to install. 

We have a new front window, I'm delighted. The guys were at the shop around 9:15 am or so, and got right to work, pulling the weather stripping away from the old glass and removing the old pane from the opening. I had originally been told it would require three people because of the size of the pane, but we only had two, and they seemed to manage just fine ... except when taking the old pane to rest against the side of one of the trucks. 

(I sent some photos to my email to share with all of you, but they haven't come through yet and I have to leave for the pool in 15 minutes. Photos tomorrow if all goes well). 

As soon as they had put the pane against the truck, it shattered, scattering pieces of glass from large to tiny across a wide area. It was quite dramatic and quite the mess as well - LOL. Of course, that left us with no window in that large space. Chickie went back and grabbed our coats. We huddled in our coats for the next half hour while the opening was cleaned and prepped, and the new pane was carefully brought over. 

When they lifted the new pane into position I admit I held my breath. If this had broken at all, we would be stuck with boarding the store up for more than a month while a new pane was being made. Fortunately, they did a great job placing the pane. There is one small spot where I might be getting some air leakage, but I might just caulk that up a little bit to help keep the cold air out. It should be a pretty minor thing. 

The pane looks lovely. I did get our "Hours of Operation" sign updated and mounted in the late afternoon, and I'm re-doing the other signs we need today and mounting them Saturday morning. We also usually have a large "BEADS" sign that we put in the middle of the pane. Right now I left that off, but we'll be replacing that on Saturday also. It brings in a lot of customers, so I think it's important to have it there, even though it blocks full view of the street. 

That was my excitement for Thursday. Today I'll polish the liquid silver I didn't have time to do on Wednesday, work on the new signage for the shop, and do what I can on Stage 4 of my holiday cards. I'm not completely ready to go on all of them, but I can do part of them at least, and start joining the four stages into a single folio. Step-by-step, that's how this goes. I also need to clean the shower, it really needs a good scrub. 

Have an excellent Friday, I'm heading off to the pool for a delightful swim. I'm doing my mile, but I still need to increase my speed. That's what I'll be concentrating on over the next few weeks. Enjoy your day and please, stay healthy and be kind. 

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