Thursday, November 18, 2021

Blender Tales of Woe - But What the Heck, I'll Get New Containers For My Smoothies

I have to buy a new blender *sigh*. I use my blender to make my veggie smoothies one or two times a week ("Ogre Juice" as DH calls them). I have one of those most days for my lunch. I've grown quite accustomed to them, and really don't want to miss a day because of a defective blender. Last week I noticed that the blender container had developed a crack in its side. Although I tried to order a new container from the manufacturer, what they had available wasn't the size or shape that I wanted/needed. So I used some Gorilla Glue and waterproofed the crack. 

It's pretty obvious to see where the bowl cracked 
in the actual vessel. My first glue repair was 
almost invisible, and it worked pretty well. I 
put a second coat of glue on yesterday afternoon, 
just wanting to be sure. But when I looked at 
the entire thing carefully ... 

Yesterday the blender barely leaked at all, but when I took a careful look after washing it, I noticed new cracks in several places along the base, moving outward from the mounting post of the blade. This was NOT good. Although I glued these too, I'm not super confident that the entire thing won't fall apart on me when I whip up my next batch next week. So I started shopping. 

When I looked at the underside, I saw cracks radiating 
from the central pivot, the place where the actual 
chopping blade sits in the interior of the vessel. I 
circled one in white (top) and one in black (bottom) on 
this photo. I glued them, but ... there's also this one ...

I know a Vitamix would work for me, and probably last a lot longer, but I want a 72 ounce container and they feature much smaller bowl sizes. Additionally, it's not the motor of my blender that's the problem, it's the bowl that's cracking. So, rather than spend $300-$500 on a Vitamix, I'm going to pick up a duplicate of my current blender at Target on my way to work. According to their website, they have at least one in stock in the Target I pass by on my way to the shop,.and it's on sale again for only $99. If the manufacturer actually had a new container, it probably would cost me about the same (a ridiculous amount, thinking about it realistically). They only have a "food processor bowl" instead of the 72-ounce container, and I don't want a smaller container.  

There's also this crack on the opposite side of the 
two in the previous photo. I'm lacking confidence that 
I will be able to use this bowl any more. Since they don't 
have a replacement bowl available at the manufacturer's, 
(and it would probably cost $70 or more), I may as well 
spend $99 and get an entirely new blender. I'm quite sure 
a Vitamix would be the better long-term solution, but 
I haven't found one of theirs that I really what either, 
so I'll spend $99 plus tax, get another one of what I
already have, and call it good. Not perfect, but OK. 

It's $100 I'd rather not spend, but I also don't want my kitchen covered with my veggie smoothie if my current container breaks apart while I'm mixing a batch. I'm trying to think if I'll have any use for the old blender. I suppose I'll keep it for a bit, but eventually I'll get rid of it. I just don't want to take the chance of the entire item falling apart on the next blend. 

At least I'll get another two glasses in the set. I've 
been wanting more than the two I already have, so 
that's a win. And I like the blender a lot - it actually 
does a pretty decent job. I'll start saving for a really 
high-end blender, though. I don't want to have to spend 
$100 every six to nine months on a new blender. 

So it's one more thing added to my morning, but it could be worse. I need to take a final read-through on this week's offering for my LJIdol-Light. I'm not getting the visceral feel that it's clicking yet, so I think some definite tweaking is called for. I've joined their regular group, which will pick up after the Holidays, so at least I'll have an opportunity to flex my writing muscles once again. It should be a fun challenge and I look forward to it. I also have a necklace repair I have to get done at the shop that I promised for no later than next week. I'd probably better get going on that one. 

Have an excellent Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, please be kind, give unexpected small gifts, spread smiles and think positive thoughts. We all need positive things around to help all of us move through this difficult world. *hugs*

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