Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Rushed For Time and Dreaming About Housecleaning - Oh! and A New Pair of Glasses

Just a short post today because I have less than 30 minutes to get this up and posted. I finally got my new eyeglasses from Zenni yesterday. They work very well, my eyes are quite happy. I'm still adjusting the nosepads, however. Those are painful, and that will have to be resolved as quickly as possible, since I'm blind as a bat (probably even more so since they have sonar) without my eyeglasses. 

After trying several different styles, I ended up 
ordering a set of these. They're quite pretty, 
and even have clip-on sunglasses along with 
them. For under $100, it's well worth it. 
Now if I can just get the nosepads 
adjusted properly so that I'm not in pain. 

It's a cats eye style with decorative cutouts on the side of the eyepiece and along the stems. Quite pretty. But, of course, more than that, I'm seeing better, which makes me very happy. Now if I can get the nosepads properly adjusted, I'll be quite pleased indeed. 

I have a home carpet steamer similar to this. 
It's probably 20 years old at least, but it 
still works. After a thorough vacuum, 
I think my carpets could use a good 

The heat wave is back, but only in the days. Although it was upper 80's F yesterday, the night was perfect sleeping weather and that's just the way I love my summers. My dreams, as they will be for most of the next month, revolved around housecleaning - vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting. That's going to be my focus until Sharon arrives. It's great having a dear friend come and visit for a few days because it spurs me on to get some deeper cleaning done, which dearly needs doing. A side benefit to seeing my Bestie for a few days next month. 

I was asked about my dusting cloths. I originally 
found these in one of the stores I use, but couldn't 
find them this time, so purchased from Amazon. 
One cloth will dust my entire wall of dragong. 
They're expensive, but absolutely fabulous, so 
I bought two boxes from Amazon with my 
last order (since I used my last one up and 
couldn't find them locally any more). 

OK, I'm going to plug in some pictures, because pictures are always fun to find and share. Today is the final day when people participating in LJ Idol can post their stories, so voting will be open tomorrow and I'll be sure to share the link with all of you, in blatent hopes of getting your votes for my Unconventional tale from my childhood. Have an excellent Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow. Slava Ukraini. 

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