Friday, January 7, 2022

Cold Barely Describes It - So I'm Looking At Sunrise, Flames and Laughter

Oy! It's COLD out today. When I checked my phone a couple of minutes ago, we were reading at sub-16 F (-26.6 C). That's cold in anyone's thinking. Just the thought of standing outside the gym doors waiting for Ed to unlock them makes me shiver. But the swimming pool water will seem warm, no matter what the temperature of the water actually is. That's a small benefit, but I'll focus on that instead of how cold I'll be before I get into the water. 

We often will get stunning sunrises on exceptionally 
cold days, with blazing skies in gold, copper, pink and 
extreme robin's egg turquoise. I love going to work on 
those days when I catch the sunrise on my left side. 
It makes me all happy as I'm freezing while the car 
warms up. 

I'm not exactly sure what errands I need to run today, but I finally found Sharon's second holiday gift last night (I had carefully put it away ... you know how that can be). I'll get that wrapped and probably drop it off at the Post Office later today. Better late than never. 

My local Post Office is one of the larger ones, and their 
lobby area is open 24/7, which is extremely convenient. 
I'll be going during the day today, but I can drop my box 
off in the Priority Mail bin and never have to interact with 
another person. Since mask mandates are now back in 
place (because of Omicron), we're all back to careful 
distancing and wearing masks everywhere. 

Speaking of Sharon, her holiday gift to me was fabulous and totally made me laugh. It's called 100 Days Until Retirement Countdown Calendar and I know I'll be laughing every day. My only problem, as I told her, will be counting backwards to find out exactly when to start using the delightful gift. It's sure to make me smile in the middle of the pressure. 

This is a total hoot! I'm really looking forward to using it 
when my final 100 days at the shop finally comes later 
this year. 

For those of you in the USA, "BattleBots" returned to TV last night, and that was so much fun. After DH was finished watching the hockey game (Boston v Minnesota - we won), he also switched over to watch BattleBots, so I joined him for the final match. Even now, first week in, there were some serious upsets. It's going to be a fun few weeks as we work down to see who is awarded the Giant Nut. (For those not familiar with the trophy, that's nut as in hardware, not as in food product.) 

At least three separate battles in last night's first night of 
competition resulted in lots of flames. Including Tombstone, 
who caught on fire and actually lost their match. I think 
this one was the most visual, though, with Minotaur 
losing this flaming fight. I do love watching BattleBots. 

So, it looks like we'll be sub-zero for temps throughout the day, warming up to a scintillating zero degrees at 4:00 pm. I'll be bustling in and out of the grocery store and any other places I need to go, but I won't be lingering in the parking lot to chat with a friend if I happen to see one. Maybe I'll drop by Dick's Sporting Goods and see about a warmer set of gloves. I certainly need some. Meanwhile, have an excellent day today, be kind to others, and remain positive and upbeat. It's generally just as easy as being down and angry, and much healthier for your body and mind. I'll be back tomorrow. Namaste. 

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