Wednesday, January 13, 2021

It's Wednesday, So It's Going To Be a Very Busy Day

It's 5:00 am, the first load of laundry is already spinning in the washer, I've done my treadmill and shower, and I'm almost caught up with my morning computer work. Life progresses. At least on my end. Life, apparently, for the auto repair place, doesn't progress, because they were unable to get the parts to fix the truck until very late yesterday and now say that it might be as late as Thursday before the truck is fixed. This is a problem. Today is the last nice day for the week. Thursday and Friday will be snowy, 1-3 inches predicted for each day, so driving back and forth to pick people up and getting vehicles sorted will be much more difficult. I'm VERY unhappy about this, and I will be contacting the repair people today. 

Poor "Shadow Beast". I have no idea what parts they were 
waiting on, but I suspect they're changing the entire bumper. 

Of course, if the truck is actually fixed today - unlikely, but maybe - I'll still have a 45 minute walk over to their location to pick it up and bring it back home. That's an hour-and-a-half out of a traditionally very busy day, and a cold walk. Still, better today without snow than tomorrow with 1-3 inches. Tomorrow I'll have to call an Uber or something to get over to the repair place. Grrrrrr. 

I've never needed to use Uber before, and if I 
can actually pick up the truck today, I might be able 
to walk over there, pay for it, and drive it home. But 
if it's tomorrow and it's snowing, I really won't be 
in the mood for a 45-minute hike over to the repair 
shop. Uber might be a good option. 

This week's schedules are messed up anyway. on Friday, DH has an early morning appointment at the DMV to get his driver's license renewed, so we switched days off. I'll take Thursday, he'll take Friday so that he can take whatever time necessary at the DMV. At least, that's been the plan. We'll see. But without the truck, I can't just drop him off at the DMV with their COVID restrictions. They won't allow him inside the building until it's his turn. He also can't wait inside for me to pick him back up. Although he could walk home (and might have to), it's not an ideal solution. What a mess. 

I'm always nervous when I have to change 
the electronics for our computer and television 
systems. It's usually no problem, but I always 
have to make sure all of the I's are dotted 
and the T-s are crossed. Can't mess this one up. 

On today's agenda is changing the router from the old one to the new one - always a bit fraught with danger since so much runs from that router. But, that's the major task for the day, and if I'm careful and do things one step at a time, all should be good. Then I can get back to researching new laptops. The motherboard on "Franken-Smaug" is dying, and I'm in the process of looking for a new ultralight to replace it. I've got my list narrowed down to five, but I'm still not sure. It's a big expense and I have to make up my mind before "Franken-Smaug" dies completely. I use my laptop at the shop every day and really can't be without it. 

One of the finalists on my list is this one - the Razer Book 13. 
It's an ultralight with a powerful processor, great chips, 
good SSD storage, and sterling reviews from a number of 
different sources (and I've been reading a LOT of reviews 
over the past few days). It comes in line with my budget, and 
may well end up being the one I buy. 

So ... my day will be a busy one. I hope yours will be a bit calmer and filled with joy. As always, please be kind, stay safe and wear your mask. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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