Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Another Grey Day in the Frozen Northlands

Hopefully the truck will be fixed today. Unfortunately, they're not open any late hours, so I'll have to take time away from the shop, leaving Chickie in charge, while I drive home, pick up DH, get and pay for the truck, and then head back to the shop. With luck we won't get busy while I'm gone, but DH needs the truck tomorrow, so if it is repaired, that will make things much simpler. 

We want Shadow Beast to look as lovely as it had before 
DH backed into Minion. I'm not sure if they'll be replacing 
the entire bumper or just the one side, but the insurance is 
paying for most of it. We have to pay the deductible, but 
that's all. Not dirt cheap, but worth it. 

Yesterday was a day of packages arriving at the shop for me. I had a Priority Mail package arrive with the images I'm probably going to use for my 2021 Holiday Card (yes, sometimes I start early - unlike this year LOL). I had a UPS package for the shop. Later in the day I had something in the regular mail from a knitting supplier, and finally, toward the end of the day, my new modem arrived via Amazon delivery. The box is standing on the floor of the computer room behind me now, waiting for Wednesday's installation. 

Because we run four different ethernet 
cables into our cable modem routers, 
most of what I was looking at on-line 
wouldn't work. This one, however, has 
adequate plug-ins and is almost identical 
to the router that is dying. Now to get 
the darned thing installed ... 

It was rather bizarre having so many packages all arriving on the same day, and in so many different ways. I guess we're become a nation of mail order and restaurant deliveries. Maybe I should have invested in UPS or FedEx or DoorDash or Uber. LOL 

It's another grey day in January here in the 
Frozen Northlands. For someone who needs 
color desperately, this is the WRONG time 
of the year for me. I still have several months 
of grey ahead of me and I'm already tired of 
this color palette. 

But, I'm cold, a bit tired, and I'm unusually uninspired for my daily blog today, so it's a "meh" day and another grey day in the neighborhood. I'm going to call this done for the day, plug in some pictures that might cheer me up, and make a cup of tea. I think the tea will set everything back into place again. Have a wonderful day - be kind, stay safe and please wear your mask. 

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