Monday, January 11, 2021

Cleaning Thoughts for a Sunday Afternoon - My Shower Cleaner Recipe

Today we drop DH's truck off for repair at 7:45 am, then hit the grocery store, a quick stop back home to drop the groceries off, then off to work. He'll have no vehicle until Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. I'm thinking, probably Wednesday morning. 

It's going to be a very busy day this morning, running 
around before getting to the shop. My entire morning 
schedule is shot. Oh well, we'll get a repaired truck 
bumper out of all of it. 

We paired together yesterday and did a good preliminary clean of the den. It's a crowded room used by both of us, and it's also the room with the entry to the back patio. There were still tools and wood from the summer's construction projects, along with two of my spinning wheels, the treadmill, and my own corner - the sewing cabinets, table I use for my knitting machine, etc. It's not ideal - it's only a single room and it has to contain a lot of items. DH is now talking about making me better bookshelves and putting my fabrics into bins which can be put into a different area. I'm unsure about that, but wouldn't mind my sewing books being more accessible. It's going to be a work in progress. Still, the room looks much better now. 

I didn't mind spending much of Sunday afternoon cleaning 
house with DH. We actually got a lot accomplished and 
the room looks much better now. 

I didn't get any knitting or weaving or any crafting at all done yesterday, though. I sacrificed my time to the gods of housecleaning. I'll live with it. My new modem should arrive today. The old one is working OK again, but having it serious lose itself twice within eight days was enough for me to order a new one. Still, it's not a "do this now" emergency and will allow me a bit of time to research exactly what I need to do for the new modem installation. I have my Wednesday and Friday (although I think this week's day off might be Thursday instead ... I'll have to make sure on that), so I'll have a bit of time to make sure I know what I'm doing. I haven't had to replace a modem in a decade or so. 

Raven and I first met along with a lot of the other AOL 
beaders at a unique bar/restaurant called the Safe House 
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a crazy place, but we 
had a great time, and I think there were almost 20 
or so of us who ended up meeting that night. 

So, life continues onward. I'm still getting holiday cards, so I'm leaving them displayed for a while longer. I just got one from my dear friend Raven out in Pennsylvania. I adore her - we clicked many years ago through the AOL beading buddies, and have been friends ever since. She's a fire walker, a pagan, and a bird whisperer, and she's an amazing earth spirit. I'm honored to know her. 

I'm getting down in my shower spray 
solution, but it works great. I'll have to 
make sure I have white vinegar on 
hand, I know I've got plenty of Dawn. 

Last but far from least, I'm putting in my shower spray recipe for those of you who might be interested. I got the recipe in 2015, and the person it originated from was an apartment manager who used it to freshen and clean apartments between tenants. Take an empty 32 oz spray bottle and put in 8 ounces (one cup) of blue Dawn dish washing detergent. Fill the remainder with white vinegar and mix the two together by shaking gently. (I'm quite sure I don't fill it quite to the top, because they need to mix.) To use, simply spray in the bath or shower and let sit for 10 minutes while you do something else. Then I use a scrub brush just to spread it around a bit, and rinse everything off with the shower head. It even gets the glass door's soap accumulation eliminated easily. You have to tolerate the smell of vinegar, but it works a treat. 

On that note, I'm, out of here. I hope you have an excellent day and I'll be back tomorrow. In the meanwhile,. please be kind, stay safe, and wear your mask. 

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