Saturday, January 9, 2021

Rime Frost, Cables with Basket Weave, and Housecleaning - Day Off Success

Yesterday was the first of my "extra" days off and I made the most of it. After a quick run to the grocer and the pharmacy to pick up items I had forgotten earlier in the week, I unpacked and set up my knitting machine. I wanted to double-check a new wrap-on method I had seen on Facebook, so turned to my computer to double-check the video. BUT ... the internet was down again. Unplugging and resetting the model resulted in a fix, but that only lasted less than an hour before the modem died again. 

Yesterday was one of those exceptional days that we 
sometimes get up here in the Frozen Northlands. We 
were treated to "rime frost", made when there is so 
much moisture in the air that ice crystals form on 
everything. We're in a period of heavy wet fog, and 
in our freezing temps, this is what can happen - 
total beauty! 

When I had the tech out here on New Year's, he said the modem was very old and might be dying. He suggested I look into purchasing a new one, so that's what I did. Once the modem finally came back to life again, I researched and purchased a new model from Amazon, paid extra for express shipping, and I should receive it on Monday. Then I just have to go through the mess of changing over from one to the other, which I'm tentatively putting onto my Wednesday schedule. 

The trees looked like white sentinels and my 
photos looked like black and white, even 
though I was taking pictures in color. It was 

The outside, for the hour or so I was out of the house, was beautiful. We've had heavy freezing fog, and that creates what's called Rime Frost - small crystals of ice covering everything. I pulled over several places on my way home from the pharmacy and took the photos I'm sharing with you today. It was exquisite, and I think we'll have more this morning too, although it's a work day, so no extra time to wander and take photos. 

Every branch was covered with a thin coating of fine 
ice crystals. The branches themselves were still 
dark, but they were traced through with shades of grey. 

I knitted and pulled apart and re-knitted and pulled apart and repeated again and again yesterday. At the end of the day I had nothing to show for my efforts, but I was successful with knitting cables at least, and I'm enjoying that. I will need to do a bit more research on basket weave. For some reason, although it seemed simple in concept, the actual process was much more difficult. I love the look of basket weave, though, so I'll keep trying to get it through my head and into my fingers. 

You can see how each branch has it's own 
coating of ice in this photo. The roads were 
just fine for driving, but the vegetation was 
kissed by the breath of winter. 

The trade-off for my extra day off was spending at least an hour each extra day on working through our housecleaning list. I'm fine with that - I really don't have time for it on my Wednesdays, so adding some into my Fridays is OK. So yesterday I did a major scrub of the shower walls and this morning I was quite pleased. The tiles gleamed and the glass door was pristine. It's actually going to take at least one more application and scrub down to get things really super-clean, but it's a good start. I also spent more than an hour in Sharon's Room, going through old magazines to determine what to keep and what to recycle. Most of it is junk, and I'm taking one box full to the shop's recycling bin this morning. (That bin is MUCH larger than the bin I have for home use.) 

I loved this one tree so much, I turned the 
car around and went back to get a photo. 
The rime frost on evergreens is so 

All in all, I was quite pleased with my second "day off" and am already looking forward to next week's opportunity to progress some more. I think I'll put a full vacuum on my agenda for next week. The house could certainly use it. Enjoy my photos of Rime Frost, have a wonderful day, and I'll be back tomorrow. As always, please be kind, stay safe, and wear your mask. 

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