Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I'm Running Late Before 6:00 am - How Ridiculous!

How I can be running late at 5:20 am, on my day off, is a mystery to me, but I am. I need to do a short post today, then get the trash to the curb, eat a quick breakfast, and head out. Adding to the crazy schedule of shopping I need to do today is the fact that I left my shopping list at the shop, so that adds one more thing I have to do. ARGH! Leaving that list was so stupid. It's going to add another 20 miles and another 30 minutes to my schedule on the front end. Fortunately, the office supply company and Michael's won't take long, 

Running on a tight schedule today. I need to get my 
errands and shopping out of the way ASAP so that 
my time is only filled with laundry and knitting for 
the afternoon until I phone Aearwen late in the pm. 

DH needed to either arrange for an automatic renewal of his Driver's License last night, or set up an appointment to get that done at the Licence Bureau. After attempting to renew online, he lost his temper and stormed, finally exiting out of the program. Going onto our neighborhood's License Bureau branch website, he did get an appointment, but not until three weeks after his license expires. He'd better not need to prove his identity for those three weeks. Stubborn man. 

The Roseville Licence Center is quite close to the house, so
it's very convenient. You go there for auto and driver's 
license stuff, and next door for passports. It's always 
really busy, and now that they've changed their set-up 
for COVID, you have to check in by phone and they'll 
call you when you can enter. That'll allow people to 
stay in their cars during our bitter winter weather. 

We'll both look into getting passports next year. They're at least good for 10 years and we'll be able to board a plane with them if we need to. Travel, which used to be such a joy, is turning into more and more of a rat race - just a PITA. But I do plan to travel here and there, and don't want to drive everywhere, so I'll make time to get a passport. 

I haven't had a passport since the mid-1980's. I think it 
was almost ready to expire when I took my last trip 
to England in 1984 or so. I don't even think it had 
my married name. I couldn't get away with that now. 

It turns out that the person handling my Social Security Card replacement is a dumb as a rock. I provided exactly what they requested, but they took the certification sheets provided by my health plan in the proof documents they had supplied for me, and complained that the names didn't match. Well, of course they didn't. The patient was me, but the person certifying that the documents were correct was the person at my health center supplying those documents. Idiots! I'll just have to try again. At least I know that everything else was correct, so it's back to Square One, but maybe closer to Square One-and-a-Half. 

I'm wrapping this up so that I can maybe not fall too far behind on today's schedule. Enjoy your day. Stay safe, be kind, and please, wear your mask. 

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