Thursday, November 19, 2020

Random Thoughts - Knitting, Holiday Cards and Black Friday

I had approximately 3 hours to work on my knitting machine after finishing my myriad of errands yesterday morning. Of course, one of those errands was to go to Michael's for some "Caron Skinny Cake" yarn. They had LOTS of Caron yarn in lots of thicknesses and types, and they were luscious colors. I ended up with six cakes and settled down with one of them in the afternoon after I got my machine set up again. I had a pattern I wanted to try out, so I had a goal in mind. 

It's a horrible picture, but it's really a cute hat and I 
think, once I know what I'm doing, that I can do one
 in a couple of hours. I'm probably going to leave off 
the top pom pom. I've never been fond of them. But 
I might include it as a button on/off version. Maybe. 

I messed things up numerous times, knit and unraveled and repeated, but by the time I put everything back into the box and tightened the strap, I was fairly confident that I would be able to actually knit the entire item next week. It's a hat that was featured on YouTube by one of my favorite designers/instructors and it's not terribly complex. It is designed for a knitting machine similar to mine, and it's going to look great. Another question I had was the sizing - I think I'll need to drop it down slightly in size for the person I'm thinking of, but that won't be a problem at all. The original size will work for several other people. If I get one made next week, I think I'll be able to punch these out and I'll feel pretty happy. 

As usual, I'd be totally lost without my Tim Holtz 
Stamp Platform. I still need to add two stamps 
to the interior of the card before I can begin the 
final assembly. But first, I have to finish the 
final embossing and cutouts. For designing on 
a wing and a prayer, I'm pretty happy with 
how this year's card is turning out. 

On cards, I should be finishing up Stage 2 and moving to Stage 3 today. I have to finish the interior details before I can move to the final stage of assembly, and it's already the 19th. I want to have these ready to go by early December, so my clock is ticking. I suppose I should also be putting thought into what we're putting on sale for our Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales. I'll have to send that email out to my customers on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. 

As usual we'll hold a Black Friday and Small Business 
Saturday sale. We'll be limiting the number of customers 
in the store to no more than six, and of course we'll 
continue wearing masks and sanitizing. The State just 
closed down inside restaurant dining and all youth 
sports and gyms/recreation centers again for 30 days, 
and COVID cases are rising again. We're just not 
going to take any chances with our health, or that 
of our customers. 

So, the rest of my week seems rather full, all of a sudden - LOL. I think DH will be hunting for turkey and other Turkey Day food, and I'll get my usual pumpkin pie ordered today too. My local Baker's Square may have closed, but there is one branch of my favorite pie restaurant still in business in the Twin Cities. It's nowhere near as close, but I am familiar with where it is and picking the pie up next Wednesday won't be a problem. On that note, I'm out of here. Have a fabulous and wonderful Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. Be kind, stay safe, and please wear a mask. 

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