Monday, November 16, 2020

Another Chapter in "How My World Turns" or Skirting the Whirlpool

We spent Sunday watching the final day of the Masters Golf Tournament, then switched to football. Being lazy, Subway sandwiches were our dinner choice. I was afraid that I would be up in weight when I stepped on the scale this morning - carbs for most meals, starting Saturday night, usually are not a good thing for my weight control/loss. But, to my happy surprise, I passed through the weekend unscathed. I'm quite grateful about that and hope the rest of my day today will be as smooth. 

Losing weight has always been difficult for me, and 
I've been fighting off the six pounds I gained in 
stay-at-home weight. I've finally gotten those 
pounds off, now I'm back to working down the other 
six-to-eight pounds I'd like to get off. My 
BMI is too high for my height, and it's the only 
thing negative on my health report, so I have to 
keep working at it. 

I finally got my new tool delivered on Saturday and will be trying it out with the cardstock today to get used to how it works before actually using it on my holiday cards. If it works (and it better work - LOL), then the Step 2 hurdle will be over and I'll progress to the Step 3 hurdle which I can see as a possible serious problem. Step 3 is where the fact that the width of the card is too wide for my embossing machine will come into play. I have some possible work-arounds, but won't know whether they will actually work until I've actually finished Step 2. It's rather like climbing a mountain. You need to do it one stage at a time, and plan the next day's attack carefully before jumping ahead. 

My goals proceed from A to B to C, etc. They 
are fluid, to a point, but then they reach a 
stage where they have to move onward. Success 
today will help a great deal in moving the 
project ahead. 

Today is Monday, and I'm already planning my schedule for Wednesday. I'm under serious time frames on Wednesday to get everything I need completed, and there's a machine knitting pattern that I really want to try for my afternoon's craft time. Right now my schedule is looking like laundry at 5:00 am, Target at 7:00 am, Office Depot at 8:00 am, Michael's at 9:00 am and the grocery store at 10:00 am. That should get me home by 11:00 am. I have a bit of wiggle room, but I need to get to those four places and still have to do more laundry when I get home, as well as get my knitting machine set up and the yarn I need to get at Michael's ready to go so that I can try this pattern. If it works out, my holiday gifts for a couple of people will be resolved. 

My life can be a whirlpool, but it's those bright 
things that keep me from being pulled down. 
I might skirt close to the edges, but I pull back 
out again to tackle the small difficulties and 
get them resolved. 

This is the state of my life - LOL. Work, personal projects, and projected time frame deadlines, all revolving around in a whirlpool of obligations, goals and desires. I suppose I'm not all that different from any of you, except my whirlpool has a lot more detritus floating around ready to bean me in the head if I'm not careful. Here's hoping all of you get through your Monday unimpeded. Please be kind, stay safe, and wear your mask. I'll be back on Tuesday with another chapter in How My World Turns. 

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