Saturday, November 14, 2020

Jumping Down The Rabbit Hole - Mixed Up Days in a Foggy Brain

I was totally off my game yesterday. Even though I knew it was Friday - at least I knew it when I was home early that morning, by the time I got to the shop and made my slow way across our icy parking lot, my mind had time traveled and I suddenly thought it was Saturday. I saw the construction workers across the street, digging out the new basement of the burned out pharmacy (their rebuilding has finally started), and thought, "They must be trying to get as much done before the winter closes in." I was trying to justify their working on a "Saturday". 

Yesterday I experienced a temporal shift. It was just 
weird! I think I'm back on track today, but goodness! 

I glanced at the TV at the shop which I usually turn on for the financial news first thing in the morning and remembered - "Oh, it's Saturday. No markets today." So I left it off until golf later in the day. Mid-morning, I glanced toward the windows when I heard a lot of noise and saw the UPS truck. I remarked to Chickie "What's going on?" while thinking to myself that it must be a special shipment of something to merit a Saturday delivery. When she said it was stuff for the T-shirt printing place two doors down from us, I was a bit bewildered. They wouldn't usually merit a Saturday delivery. 

At least I'm pretty confident today - it's Saturday! I'm 
quite pleased about that - Saturday is an awesome day 
of the week. Chickie and I have a lot of work to do, 
so we won't be bored, and we usually get fun 
customers through the door on Saturdays. 

It took me until after noon before I finally got it through my head that it was Friday, not Saturday. Which was a bit disappointing, because I had to work until 6:00 pm instead of heading home at 5:00 pm which is my Saturday closing time. My brain was just messed up. 

It may not be Springtime at Augusta National, and 
the crowds may not be allowed to participate, but 
The Masters is going on now instead and it's a 
total joy to see that incredible golf course. I don't 
get the green grass after months of snowfall, but 
it's one of the most stunning golf courses in the 
nation, and it's always a joy to look at Augusta. 

Have you ever had an episode like that? One where you would swear on a stack of Bibles (or other tome of importance to you) that it was X when it really was Y? Although I got a lot of work done yesterday, I was never able to fully engage with the day. I'm hoping that today's Saturday won't be a "Groundhog Day" of a rabbit hole for me. I'd like to end today looking forward to my Sunday with my hubby. On that note, I'm out of here. Have an excellent day and weekend, and I'll be back on Monday. As always, be kind, stay safe and please, wear your mask. 

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