Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Woodshed Progresses

Apparently I was mistaken, and the frame isn't for my strawberry patch, but is rather a part of the woodshed. That's fine, though. Both projects need to be done, and the woodshed is by far the higher priority - something that's been in the planning stages for several years. 

DH got eight of these concrete blocks. I guess they're really
heavy because he was complaining about how much they
weighed and how difficult it was getting them out of the
truck bed and down to the lower yard. 

The fancy concrete blocks arrived, DH picked them up, and yesterday he was busy digging holes, filling them with Class 5 gravel, setting the blocks at the appropriate levels, and making sure everything will fit together properly. It will be a large shed when it is finally completed, and to "relax" yesterday between physical bouts of pure strain, he researched solar pond pumps. I'm not really sure why, but he said the roof of the woodshed will have the appropriate direction and angle for solar panels. Sweet! Nice to know - LOL. 

Here, he's got the framework around one section of the woodshed, and
is extending eastward into the second section. A third section will still
be added to the left. Yes, it's a big structure, but I think it will be quite
pretty once it's done. The first hole went really well. The second one
was filled with tree roots from a tree we had pulled down, so he had
to cut all of those roots out before he could fill the hole with Class 5
and continue filling and leveling the block for that corner. I'm happy
he's back to building - he gets antzy without an active project. 

Chickie was amazed at the size that DH is making when I showed her the picture above yesterday afternoon. She forgot how many trees we've taken down over the years, and we do actually have two fireplaces, although only the downstairs one has ever been used. We're hoping to be able to use the fireplace again one of these days, and also clear the stacks of logs and wood away from the back of the patio so that we can plant more green plants and flowers. We've been recapturing the lower yard for six years now, and it's getting better and better every year. 

When I'm seated at the patio table, I'm looking East. Behind me, on
top of the "castle" walls he built a few years ago, is at least three feet
of stacked wood, extending from fence to our steps to the upper
yard. It's a lot of wood, and we still have more trees we probably
should cut down, so we can add more wood to the shed after it is
built if we still have room. The woodshed will be to the right,
between our tool shed and the castle walls. 

I'm sure we'll be spending some serious working time on the shed on Sunday. He needs a second person for some of the work, before it can go back to a one-man show. I think I will have earned my rum on the rocks or margarita by the time we're done on Sunday - LOL. Have an excellent weekend, be safe, be kind, and wear your masks. I'll be back on Monday. 

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