Monday, July 27, 2020

Sunday's Focus Was Rock Without The Roll

DH and I started our Sunday out by driving east to Patio Town and getting fancy dirt. At least that's what it seemed like to me. DH was short on Class 5 Landscaping Rock, but he didn't need the quantities that the professional supplier he usually uses requires, so Patio Town was a good second choice. We also needed more large river stones to edge the drainage ditch expansion. 

Patio Town has three centers around the Greater Metro area. The eastern
center isn't too horribly far from our house, so they're a good option
for top soil, loose rock and pavers. We also get our natural slabs for
our step stones from here. It's a family owned business into at least
a second generation now. Good people. 

But, when we arrived at the location and backed into the appropriate area, we were told there was a problem with their front loader. Good thing we only needed 1/6th ton or so. Two young guys shoveled that into the back of our pickup without much problem. We added a bucket of large river rocks to our Class 5 and we drove out of there spending less than $20. Five wheelbarrow loads to the lower yard later, we were set for the coming week's work. 

DH was very happy with the quality of the Class 5 Limestone we
got from Patio Town. We didn't need a minimum of 1/2 ton
this time, so we couldn't get it from our usual rock source. Still,
this will do just fine so that he can continue working on the
wood shed. 

We relaxed for the rest of the day. Originally it was supposed to resume raining (pretty much what had been happening for the past 24 hours), but that kept getting pushed off and pushed off, so we had a really pleasant afternoon on the patio before returning to the inside to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy 2". I had forgotten how much I enjoy the GotG series - so good! 

Today will start out busy - an 8:20 am doctor appointment for my annual "wellness" check-up, then work for the day, and back home to "relax". All things considered, a "normal" day isn't all bad. I hope your day is wonderful - filled with color and smiles. Be safe, stay well, and don't forget to wear your mask. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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