Monday, June 29, 2020

DH Is Probably Right - (Don't Tell Him I Said So)

Sometimes DH can be very wise, and push me to think outside of my own little world. That's basically what he did when he asked me to stay away from the gym for another few weeks. And his reasons were excellent - no arguments from me. 

Quarantine is still the only thing that works well against
this damned virus, and the fact that we operate a
business together, an illness for one of us would affect
both of us. 

He pointed out that if I did come down with the virus, he would have to self-quarantine for two weeks also. That would require us to close the shop, and it's very likely that after our eight weeks of state-imposed closure, we wouldn't be able to rebound from the second financial hit and would end up having to close the business permanently. Of course I have Chickie, long time employee and great friend, but she's not trained to be able to handle the store on her own, and she has her own health issues. No - it would be a total disaster, all brought about by my overwhelming desire to be back in the water again. The water will still be there for me, it's not going anywhere. 

I have a Fludity self-supporting barre set that I purchased
during the Pandemic shut-down. Of course, it was
delivered after I had broken my ankle, so I haven't
been able to unpack it and set it up yet. I'm looking
forward to doing that. I think Wednesday is the day
unless I end up wrapped up in financial crap
for my "day off". 

So, I'll stay away from the gym and be good. I think I have figured out where I want to set up my barre, though. so I can start working on getting that area cleaned up and the barre set up, maybe as soon as Wednesday. There's a chair in the way - one that DH took from his Dad's house after my father-in-law passed. We never use it - in fact, my Reeves castle-style spinning wheel is currently occupying the seat of the chair. I didn't want it in the first place, but we brought over a ton of crap from that house - DH's version of hoarding. I'm going to move that chair. If he wants to keep it, fine. But live with it in a different space. Or, even better, put it at the curb with a FREE sign on it. 

The chair in the space I want to use is similar to this - an
old, manual lever, dark brown fabric recliner that
used to belong to his Dad. I'll let him keep the rocker that
belonged to his Mom, it's actually beautiful wood, but
this recliner is horrid. Old, and did I say old? 

But, as the thunder rolls overhead from a huge stalled front moving over my area, I reflect on the fact that we absolutely CAN'T keep everything. Space is limited and lives go on. Yeah - the chair has to go. My barre will look excellent near the treadmill and if we ever get the sectional we've been talking about getting for that room for the past two decades, we'll revisit what we'll keep and what will go. 

Supercell thunderstorms are amazing. So beautiful, so powerful, and
so deadly (in some instances). We've had one of these perched above
us for most of the night. Lots of thunder and lightning since the
early hours this morning. It's finally slowly moving off, but it's
going to be a hot and muggy day today. 

Have a wonderful Monday. I'll be spending the day working out the final kinks in two more funding applications - two more possible grants. Also, filling out the paperwork for the PPP Loan forgiveness, because that loan saved our business, no question. But, paperwork is never my favorite activity for any day, especially not a Monday. Ick! LOL - Have a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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