Saturday, June 27, 2020

A Temporary Halt to Swimming

DH was becoming insufferable, and he was right - we're both at higher risk with the Virus than other people. I get a double whammy - my age and my immune disorder (Alopecia Universalis). So, after more than 24 hours of pure grumpy, I gave in ... a bit. I'll skip the gym for two more weeks, but then I'm going back to the water. 

I must admit that I do NOT consider my Alopecia to be a
nightmare. It's actually rather nice in the hot summer
months, and I have a great head, so I wear nude very well. 

I feel like a slug. With my ankle still in recovery, I can't exercise on the treadmill or even take a brisk walk, so the swimming pool is really the only chance I've got at exercise. I'm hoping that I can get back in two weeks, and I'll be counting the days off on my calendar. But DH had me so upset yesterday morning that I forgot my towel at home. In the past, that wouldn't have been an issue - I would have borrowed a towel from the YMCA, but they don't have towels any more (or hair dryers, or kleenex boxes, or drinking fountains, etc). So I ended up drying myself after my shower with paper towels (they have automatic no-touch dispensers, so they are still available). It was not a good dry, but at least it was something. 

I might as well take advantage of this short break from
the water and order a kickboard and a couple of other
things from Swim Outlet. The pool doesn't have
equipment available any more, and I do like to use
a kickboard at the end of my swims to have a couple
of laps of just kicking. 

I finally texted DH later in the day and conceded to staying away from the gym for two weeks. I'm not thrilled about it at all, but I do see his point of view. I hope I can get back to the water then. The pool yesterday was full - all ten slots were filled, and even though I'm always one of the first in the water, if I'm not one of the first ten, I won't get to swim. Timing is everything when it comes to the pool. 

So I'll stop going to the YMCA for a couple
of weeks to let DH relax a bit. But then I'm
heading back to the water. No hesitation. 

So, it's Saturday, and I am already looking forward to my day off on Sunday and the fact that I will get a "real" weekend next week with the 4th of July falling on a Saturday. I rarely get a "real" weekend, so it'll be fun. Have a wonderful Saturday and I'll be back on Monday. 

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