Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stay-at-Home - Day 47 - A New Set of Wheels

I started the day out by seeing the ankle specialist who showed me my CAT scan and corroborated four breaks with a potential fifth, but he also said that everything looked really stable and that I was doing really well. I'm allowed to put weight on the foot now, but ordered to remain in the walking cast for the full six weeks, and perhaps two more. I guess I can't have everything, but at least I am allowed to put weight on if it doesn't hurt - no stabbing pains allowed. 

I now have two mobility options - the conventional crutches
on the left and the knee scooter in the middle. I'm delighted
that I'm doing better and that I have some choices now. 

After the doctor (who wants to see me again in four weeks for a third round of x-rays and another in-patient visit), we headed over to the shop. I had several mail orders to fill and pack and some other inquiries to pin down (do I have the item, or not, and how long I'll hold it aside for the customer). I even walked down the very evil stairs I have at the shop because that's where the bathroom is located, so it's really impossible to not go down stairs sometimes. 

After several hours, we zipped over to the bank and then, finally back home, pulling into the driveway just as a UPS truck was delivering something two doors down from us. I was expecting my knee scooter today, so we just unpacked our stuff from the truck while the truck moved up to our house and a box was carried up. 

I'm really happy with my scooter. DH took it out for a quick
test run and was surprised at how fast it is. It's not massively
sturdy, but quite sufficient for my needs at a great price.
I'm relieved I'll have it to use at the shop. 

DH was kind enough to start right in on assembling my knee scooter while I did the shipping labels for the mail orders in the computer room. By the time I was finished getting the labels printed and onto the boxes and envelopes, he had the scooter almost ready to go. We adjusted the height of the knee pad and handlebars a bit, to fit me better, and I took it for a bit of a test. It's fast, really quick. Has a large turn radius. but no real problems. By lowering the handlebar, it fits fine into Minion, so I'll be able to take it to and from, if needed. I think I need some flames for the scooter, and I'll have to figure out a name. It'll be a blessing at the shop, because even if I can walk with more ease, I'm still crutch dependent there if I'm not using the scooter. 

So, all in all, it was a good Thursday. We're planning on relaxing tomorrow, the last really warm and nice day before we have to return to work next week. We'll head back to the shop on Saturday to do the week end report and finalize our steps in making us open once again. The door is cracking open and the sunshine is starting to paint the floor boards. Quarantine is ending. As always, Stay Safe, and Be Well. 

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