Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Another Day, Another Breakdown, Another Replacement ... Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

The latest installment in our ongoing parade of things that break and need repair/replacement was the lawn mower. Many years ago, when our Lawn Boy bit the dust, our friend Claire (ChickieMama) offered hers to us. She wanted to get an electric and the price was right, so we jumped on it. It has forged ahead for years now, mowing on demand as we cut down trees and increased our green space. Mowing our lawn is hot and thirsty work, and takes more than an hour of back and forth on steep banks and the occasional flat section. 

We have several steep banks on our property as it abuts to
our creek. Those banks can be harsh to mow and are not
the easiest thing for the mowers, either. He's happy, he
got a bag-style mower, so he's hoping to get a handle
on our weeds vs grass battle by not mulching the cut

Yesterday DH needed to mow again (he had mowed on Saturday, but sun and a touch of rain caused the grass to get long fast). The blade of the mower of course has a blade protector, but rocks and other items banging off it over the years had made it unstable. Although he hammered things back into working shape, he didn't feel the mower was safe for operation any more, so off to Home Depot yet again, and one more expense (it's going to be an expensive month for our charge cards). Now we have a new mower sitting in the garage, a Toro brand mower, and two broken mowers and a broken snow blower. I'll be contacting the trash company today to find out what they will charge me for a mower and the other equipment. I think it's time to get rid of the broken ones. 

Briggs and Stratton engines are dependable and workhorses
on smaller power tools. They're predominantly used on
lawnmowers of all sizes and snow blowers. They're also
used in a lot of home making activities, but I'm not an
engine person, so it's time for them to go. The ones we
have are REALLY old, the newer engines are sweet! 

The only reason we've kept the broken ones in the garage is the engines. These Briggs and Stratton engines are actually pretty fine and work in a lot of different items. Anyone who is handy could pull the engine off and make something with it. I'm tired of looking at them, though, and I think we could use the space for other things. I'll call the trash company today. 

I'll write up my grocery list for DH while "resting" today. I don't
think he has any clue, but he'll have to work and it'll be another
$100+ grocery bill. He should have let me go, then it's my money,
not his. LOL

Today is my usual grocery shopping day, but DH said I should stay home and he'll do the shopping tomorrow. I'm finding it hard to argue with him. Just doing the laundry will be enough for me. I'm well on the way to recovery, but I don't want to overdo it. So, a day of leisure - so to speak. Resting amidst three loads of laundry. LOL 

On that note, have a wonderful and productive day. Stay safe, be kind, and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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