Thursday, May 21, 2020

Considering Power - Engines and Nuclear Plants

Several of you suggested I try selling the old equipment on Craig's List or a similar posting method. That's actually a good idea, one that hadn't occurred to me. I'll wait until I'm more mobile and probably try to get that going. We won't get much, but it'll be better than nothing if someone is interested. 

I've never really done much with CraigsList, but I do have an active
neighborhood Facebook group that I might try to post the engines
on. I know people want the engines, but I'd rather clear out my garage. 

Today will be the third day of my return-to-work. It still feels odd setting an alarm for the morning, although I've been awake two hours before it went off every day so far. Still, I'm really slow for my morning showers because ... crutches ... so having extra time really isn't a problem. 

I've been reading through this book and it's excellent.
It's not so filled with techno terms that it can't
be understood, and the Russian names, which can
be a deal breaker sometimes, aren't horrific either.
It's a good one if you're interested in the subject. 

I've been head-deep in a beautifully researched and detailed book on Chernobyl called "Midnight in Chernobyl" by Adam Higginbotham. I've been fascinated with the disaster at the power plant for decades and have read quite a bit about it, but this book is the most comprehensive I've read and it's not too massively technical that I can't understand what was happening and what it really means when a disaster such as this happens. 

My state has two nuclear power plants, one north of the Cities, and one
south. This is the one I'm most familiar with - the Prairie Island nuclear
plant, an hour or so south or the Twin Cities. I suppose, if there's an
accident at either plant, the Cities would have to be considered for
evacuation. That wouldn't be easy - it's a LOT of people. 

We have several nuclear power plants here in the state, one as close as an hour from the Metro area. I've always been hesitant about this type of power generator. I understand the benefits, but it seems like such a toxic way to generate something as ephemeral as power for a toaster or television. I suppose I'm old fashioned in my hesitation, and the safety record of nuclear power plants actually is excellent, but when they go bad, they go very, very bad. And there's also the question of spent fuel - where does something this toxic get put and how many centuries will it remain, poisoning the storage space and the land? Nuclear power makes me uncomfortable. 

On that note, I'm calling it a day and heading upstairs for breakfast. I hope you have a terrific day and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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