Thursday, February 7, 2019

Holiday Cards to Share

As many of you know, I make holiday cards each year and send them to friends across the globe. I never ask for cards in return, but they are always welcome and celebrated. I'm sharing some of those I received from my friends both near and far with you today and tomorrow so as not to overwhelm you with too many photos in a single post. I actually received almost 30 cards from friends and family this past holiday and they spread in colorful array across my mantle. Since I only sent out 46 cards this past year, I think this was a marvelous return percentage. I'm just going to dive right in and share some of them with all of you. 

I really loved this snowman card that my long-time friend Cindy made
for us. She's been a friend since the late 1970's. I really owe her a
visit - bad me. But look at what a cute snowman she shared with us. 

Cindy's daughter, Jenybeth, sent this lovely card to me.
I've known for her entire life - she's like a niece to
me. She has real talent in putting together disparate
images and cutouts to make something really
lovely. This layered and dimensional
card really spoke of the winter season to me. 

Hans and Anne are friends currently living in the Netherlands. He's
an amazingly talented jeweler and we've been on-line friends for almost
a decade. Want to see his amazing work? Check out his website
and look at the "Sculptures" part at the very bottom for something
out of the ordinary. 

This lovely card from Susan really made me smile.
The glitter and glitz on his robe doesn't come
through in the scan, but it's a stunning card and
I adore the owl. 

My BFF, Sharon, sent this lovely thing to me. It
might be a bit small, so I'll write the words of "A
Colorado Christmas" down for all of you:
1-A Partridge in an Aspen Tree
2-Two Bighorn Sheep
3-Three Ghost Towns
4-Four Columbine
5-Five Golden Rocky Ford Melons
6-Six Hikers Hiking
7-Seven Skiers Skiing
8-Eight Peaks a-Glistening
9-Nine Beers a-Brewing
10-Ten Trout a-Leaping
11-Eleven Broncos Blocking
12-Twelve Months of Sunshine

My sister, Starlet Fills-the-Pipe who lives on Pine Ridge Reservation in
South Dakota finally retired in 2018 and is enjoying the life of
retirement after years and years of working. She always finds these
lovely cards that are so Indian in spirit. I love the maiden
delivering presents via travois. The artwork on the card is by Chholing Taha. 

My long-time friend Raven from the East Coast sent this
super-funny card to me. She's an amazing person, a friend
who I clicked with immediately when we met years ago
at the Bead & Button Show. She's a fire-walker and one
of the most fascinating people I've known. Wild birds
land on her hands to visit her. Pretty amazing! 

So there you go - the first seven of the cards I chose to share. I'll post one more blog with another group on Friday morning. I hope you have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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