Friday, February 8, 2019

Holiday Cards #2

Yesterday I shared some of my favorites among the holiday cards I received for 2018. Today I'm doing a second post with the other half of the cards I loved the most. Of course I loved each and every card I received, and there were certainly other ones I would have loved to share, but I refuse to post family photos on-line. I highly value privacy and try to keep images of my nieces, nephews and their kids private. If you sent me a card that didn't appear in these two posts, don't for ONE moment think that your card wasn't loved and appreciated. Now, here we go. 

I'm starting with this pop-up card from Tinnean, an e-friend
from Florida. I was enchanted by the fact that it mailed flat,
but the cunning design allowed it to become a true 3-D house
surrounded by evergreen trees. 

AlexCat sent me a card with this wonderful
peace tree image. I loved the way the decorations
looked like slices of logs in a rustic but friendly
fashion. It was charming and comforting. 

Anyone who knows my e-friend Linda, knows she's a true cat lady, in
love with her four "Ginger Boys". She always thinks about me, sending
me a variety of beautiful e-cards throughout the year. I was really touched
to receive this physical card from her, and aren't these lovely
kittens adorable? The best thing is that the card's purchase helps support
a cat rescue and re-homing service named the Yorkshire Cat
Rescue, working in Yorkshire and parts of Lancashire, England. 

I loved the typical British look of this card, and since it comes
from a long-time e-friend who lives on the Isle of Man. I felt
honored to have received a card from her this year. There were
some family issues that happened close to Christmas and
I wasn't expecting her to have time or energy to send cards.
I am completely humbled by this card with this wonderful
 Christmas train being watched by the children with their sleds. 

A longtime e-friend from Germany has a thing for deer. Over
the years she has send me some truly amazing and wondrous
cards, all featuring deer. I knew whose card it was the
moment I saw the lovely 3-D velveteen reindeer. 

I have a friend and former workshop roommate, Shruti, an artist and a
truly beautiful person. She sends out more than 400 cards each
year to celebrate her friendship with people throughout the world.
She makes the card and has it printed, then hand-addresses each
envelope with beautiful calligraphic script. They are stunning works
of art in their own right. Each interior carries a handwritten message
for the recipient. I'm in awe of her artistry and this annual gift is
so treasured. I keep her cards - always. 

I'm not sure how readable the photo is, so I'm re-writing Shruti's
text for all of you here.
A Speck in the Universe
I may be a nameless speck in the vast, ever-expanding,
awe-inspiring dynamic entity we celebrate as the Universe,
but I am an undeniable part of this majestic whole.
I may be "irrelevant", "inconsequential"
to the naked eye in that avataar, but I exist.
I pulsate with the same energy that the Universe exudes,
my core is the soul of the Universe, and the same intelligence
that keeps all of this majestic magnificence together in synchronized
harmony and an inexplicable rhythm, guides me too.
This is magic. This is me. This is each one of us.
Life is beautiful. Namaste!

So there you have it - a selection of cards that I loved and that I wanted to share with my readers because my heart was lifted by these in a time of uncertainty and I'm passing the love onwards. I hope you've enjoyed sharing these small bits of joy with me. 

We got more than eight inches of snow yesterday and we're diving down into the low cold temperatures once again for the next few days. I'm bundling up for the gym over the next few days, but wise people are staying indoors with cocoa and their favorite people. I'll be back tomorrow, as long as I don't turn into a frozen icicle. Have a wonderful Friday. 

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