Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Gift and A Goal

I've said before that I have the most amazing customers, and yesterday, in sub-zero temperatures, it was proven yet again. Earlier this year, just after the holiday, my customer Michaela came in with a knitted cap for me. The cap featured variegated heathered yarns in blues and teals and I've been wearing it every day since. I adore it and it helps keep my head warm in our crazy winter temps. 

The second cap she knitted for me sings in warm colors and
has this one singular swirl, rather like the frond of a fern before
it bursts out into leafy green. I love it, and I think I'll wear it
today. It's so wonderful to have two caps from her now! 

Yesterday afternoon, she came in again for a small purchase and to drop off the cap pictured above. (I have the cap perched on my knee for the photo, so that's why the perspective looks a bit odd). She said she wanted to return a bit of the happiness she gets whenever she's in the store, as well as practice some new knitting techniques and stitches. I'm floored! I now have two caps and they're both awesome. I think I'll wear my new one today since it's -11F this morning "shiver". 

Some places recommend writing 1000 words
every day. Don't back yourself into a corner where
failure lurks like that. Just write something for
ten minutes every day and you'll be fine. 

I've been reading the daily blog of an author and writing teacher I've subscribed to in the past. In it she states and re-iterates time and again, "Write every day. It doesn't matter if it's only one sentence, it doesn't matter if it's ten minutes or if you look at the clock and three hours have passed and pages have appeared from your pen or your keyboard. Just do it. You can't edit something that doesn't exist and it's rare to have a masterpiece appear without requiring a bit of shaping and pruning." (Paraphrased) 

A blank page staring up at you can be mocking and rather
threatening. Don't let the beginning put you off the
journey. Write, paint, dance, play music. Do what
moves your heart for at least ten minutes a day. 

Let's think about this for a moment. It's a fact that you can't edit a blank page. It's also a fact that some days writing or producing your art (because the daily regime can be applied to many things in our lives) pounding out even ten minutes can be a struggle. But those glorious days when you return to the real world and realize you've moved ahead in the story, designed the storyboard for the art, or gotten the colors just right on the sculpture - those are the days when it's all worthwhile. You can't get to the finish line in anything without moving ahead one step at a time. 

Set your goals and start working toward them, one step at
a time, in constant, daily motion. 

Set your goals for the next week, or month, or year, but make sure they are goals that can be accomplished with small bits and bites as you walk them. Too large and you'll become discouraged at the lack of progress, too small and you'll rarely look backward and refine. Remember, you learn as much from the editing and refinement as the first draft. Remember to be brave. 

I'm off into the cold temperatures. At least the pool water should be pretty awesome today. I'll be back on Monday, so have a fabulous and wonder-filled weekend. 

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