Monday, February 11, 2019

Plow 1, Mail Box 0

We're in full snow mode now. On Sunday we were supposed to get around three inches, but it started falling while we were at breakfast and didn't stop until late afternoon. Total accumulation? Much closer to six inches than three inches. Still, when it stopped snowing it was lovely - semi-blue skies pulling in the late afternoon colors of lavender and light blue. 

One of the beautiful things about winter are our sunrise and sunset
colors. The cold pulls in those amazing lavender colors that make
the sunset less about fire and more about ice. 

The snow plows are essential to our part of the nation. When we get snow, it needs to be moved off the roadways. Where we grab our shovels (or the snowblower IF it was working properly, which it is NOT), the city sends out plows. Since we live on a busy East/West street, we get plowed quickly, properly and often. It can lead to problems. Two years ago our mailbox became a bit unstable because of the snow plow. But yesterday ... 

Two weeks ago we had practically no snow at all, now our
drifts are more than four feet high. Here's my poor mailbox
post. I think it's supposed to allow the box to sit at
four feet above the street, but I don't recall exactly. 

As you can see, there's no mail box on top of my mail box pole. OOPS! The plow managed to toss up enough snow to pull the box right off the pole. 

Here is my mail box sitting on end at the end of the garage.
At this point, DH was trying various poles and pipes to
see how it could be repaired. He finally found a
pipe that was able to be forced over the post, and
still handle the attachment hardware of the actual mail
box. It was tricksy, but it seems to be a good and
sturdy fix. 

Here's the top of the box sitting in front of the back of DH's truck. It took almost an hour and trying several different things before he hit upon a solution. We got it remounted even sturdier than it had been, so I'm happy now. Of course, since we're scheduled for another five-inch to eight-inch snow on Tuesday, we'll see how it fares in the next bout of snow plows. 

I hope your weekend was lovely. After shoveling, we relaxed a bit, watched a bit of golf, and ended the night with an episode of "Midsommer Murders".  That's always an excellent way to end the day. I'll have to wrap this up quickly to get to the gym on time. Be good, stay warm and have an excellent Monday. I'll be back tomorrow. 

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