Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Open That Closet and Don't Stumble (Much)

We're back into snow mode and that's OK, except for the fact that our snowblower seems non-functional and we're getting several inches of snow every 12 hours. This ends up requiring a lot of shoveling, so I've got less than 30 minutes to pull this together before leaving to shovel the driveway from our overnight flakes. Such is life, in a way. 

You can be multifaceted. The paints of your life always manage
to work together. I probably wouldn't paint a room with three
diverse colors like this, but I don't mind being a writer, a
shopkeeper and a metalsmith - three very different colors. 

In the nature of life, there always seems to be something waiting to be cleaned up, washed up, painted over or dusted. It's not so much housecleaning as life cleaning. It's not essential to wash the sheets and change the bedding every week, but it you don't actually open that internal linen closet, it's going to get musty and stale and when you finally pull out that clean sheet to put onto your virtual bed, it's not going to be much of an improvement. 

I can't even manage to think about how many hours I spend
practicing the cello. I certainly didn't want to practice every
day - I fought it as much as any kid who would rather be
outside playing with friends. But looking back, I'm really
happy that I stuck with it for as long as I did and that
I accomplished as much with my music as I was able. 

Maybe that's why we practice. Artists draw every day, musicians practice every day, writers write every day - motions frequently performed become habit. I like having a scheduled life with specific tasks to achieve by each day's end and many people share that comfort with me. It's when things pop up to throw off the schedule that challenge the mind. It's how those challenges are met that define the person. 

Stumbling blocks can be many things. Here, the policeman is
being tripped by the escaping criminal. Sometimes if there
are no stumbling blocks, we manufacture some. It's human

How flexible are you to those stumbles that life throws at you? I'll be testing out personal scheduling boundaries today when I shovel early and when I have the cable TV tech invade my personal space in early afternoon (the cable box died yesterday morning - DH is aghast and it MUST be fixed or replaced ASAP). Do you open your mental linen closet often enough to keep things fresh? Do you practice your craft or do something you love every day? These are things that will keep you from going musty and old and it's never too late to begin a good habit. 

I think I'll have one day without snow today, but starting tonight we'll have another storm roll through with another 4"-6" of snow in the next 24 hours. It's OK, it's part of life. Roll with those punches and party on. Happy Wednesday - I'll return tomorrow. 

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