Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Guppy Is On Dry Land!

I'm banned from the pool! Only for two weeks, but it's going to push me to the gym instead of the water and I'm NOT looking forward to working out on the elliptical and the bikes. I know how (even though they've got new equipment, so I may not know enough to get going again), but I prefer the water so much more than pounding the miles away. I'm not a runner - never have been. 

Since I'm in the middle of an audio book, I'll probably continue
to listen to it. Tears, however, can be hidden in a pool, not
so much on an elliptical, so I may switch over to music and
one of my other players for the rest of the two weeks. Ot maybe
I'll use my bluetooth headphones and pull in my Spotify playlists. 

Why am I banned from the pool? I saw my dermatologist yesterday and she's busy analyzing my lab work (lots of blood given to the Lab Vampires yesterday) and a biopsy that she took. The darned biopsy is small - only 4mm or so, but it has stitches and I'm not allowed into the water until they are removed in two weeks. Argh! So not happy! But, I have to roll with the punches. Looking through my labwork results (so far) on my e-chart, I seem to be in normal ranges for almost everything. I know there are a few tests results still pending, so I'll probably hear from her later this week. 

It's a killer. I'm far from a Gym Newbie, but
they replaced all of the equipment a few months
ago and I'm not familiar with the new stuff. Ugh! 

It's been so long since I've exercised in the gym, I'm going to feel like a "beginning" newbie all over again. Damn. It messes with my routine, and I had to really dig to find exercise clothing. I'll need to pick up a new set of exercise pants, all I have is shorts and I prefer longer pants. The ones I used to wear were WAY too big and I got rid of those years ago. I'll have to add Target to my shopping tomorrow and get a set. 

I really don't like being cranky. Hopefully I'll fall
into a gym routine easily for the next two weeks,
and then I'll be able to return to the water. 

She's also got me on a steroid for six weeks - I'm not exactly sure why, but she orders and I obey. It's got me a bit cranky, can't you tell? I'm not even sure what pictures are best for my mood today. I guess I'll see what I can find, and wish all of you a great Tuesday. The plan is to be back tomorrow, if the gym machines don't kill me first. LOLOL

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