Monday, January 7, 2019

Celebrating Craft - Two Very Special People's Work

Saturday was a bit slow, but had unexpected wonderful events. In mid-afternoon, a long-time customer of mine, Michaela, (who gifted us with some fabulous baked goods for Christmas,) came in to the shop. It's not unexpected to see her, she comes by often and is a very talented crafter. After waiting until other customers were taken care of and sent on their way, she handed me a small bag. Inside, wrapped in colored tissue, was a wonderful multi-colored cloche that she knit for me. It'll keep me nice and warm while my hair grows back, and she chose the yarns specifically to work with the sweater I wear at the shop. It's fabulous! I have the BEST customers EVER! 

I love the colors of the knitted cloche, but really love
the fact that she made this for me just ... because. So
sweet! I'm really enjoying wearing it a lot! 

Coming home that night, DH and I spent time after dinner going through his vision of the craft room and the laundry room - both of which will require serious re-arranging and lots of construction. The end goal is to merge my shop workbench into my home space and that's going to need a more efficient space so that both DH and I have room for our own art and supplies. I was pretty OK with almost all of his plans - they're well thought out and should work really well. I promised to spend part of my Sunday going through several boxes of old books and a couple of boxes I had shipped to myself with the last of the things I rescued from my parent's place. 

Going through boxes like a good girl, can unveil treasures. Although most of what I shipped home from Mom's place were just the last-minute things that I had no room to put into the car, there also was a large mosaic bowl that she had made many years before. Mom was a talented artist in many different media, but among them was mosaic. I had no room for the matching table, and the mosaic portrait had been sold or trashed years before, but the bowl was one piece of her art I could take home. It's actually rather massive and heavy, and it's as beautiful today as it was when she first made it. I've put it next to my fireplace and I'm really happy to have it home and on display at last. 

This large wooden bowl with interior mosaic matched a
long mosaic table that Mom also made. I knew I had
no room for the table, so sold it along with most of her
other things. I rescued the bowl, though - one of the
few pieces of her art I have left. I love it. 

Add in football, Chinese food for dinner, and a surprisingly easygoing day on Sunday with only one small bump in the road, lets me call the weekend successful. We didn't lose our tempers at all, which was rather miraculous! 

Chickie closes on the new house today and helps her Mom move later today and all day tomorrow. Their first chore - buy and install new locks. I really hope this all works out for them, it's very exciting. 

Enjoy your Monday and I'll return tomorrow. Today is so packed with appointments before I open the shop, I won't even have time for a quick breakfast. Oh well, I have protein bars at the shop and lots of leftover Chinese for a very nice dinner. Have fun today! 

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