Monday, December 3, 2018

Sunday - I Hate Working That Day!

I hate working on Sundays - it's a total cramp in my day and an interruption. But, one down and only two more to go. We had football on in the back room - DH watched most of the game(s), I listened in the background. We had customers, so I actually was busy on the sales floor, and I was able to get a mail order pulled, packed and on its way on my drive home. All was not a loss. But it throws my personal schedule into the toilet when I work on Sunday. 

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018 was held last night. I looked through
all of the photos this morning and was quite unimpressed, although some
of the shoes were interesting. Still - nothing I feel I have to run out and
take a closer look at. 

I was hoping to get some serious work done on my holiday cards, but ended up with the wrong set of pens with me. I wrote one interior in regular pen - ick! Used the incorrect ones (too large a nib) for two others with another ick result, and tabled the project. I'm bringing the correct nibbed pens with me today and hopefully will get some of the work done. I want my overseas cards posted ASAP. I can breathe a little more with my domestic ones. 

I'm not doing calligraphy, and I'm not using a nibbed pen, but all pens write
with a surface area and I needed my finer pens to create interior notes
that will be readable. I'm bringing thinner pens with me today that
should resolve the problem. 

It's December 3rd and Christmas is in 22 days! I still have presents to order and I have to get Sharon's gift wrapped, boxed and sent to her. It's currently sitting on the couch in her room, so at least I won't need to hunt for a last-minute gift this year. I saw the perfect thing and purchased it months ago. 

All in all, it was an OK weekend, but I'm looking forward to a busy and productive week. At least, that's the goal. Let's see if I can start things out with a good swim today. Here's hoping you have a terrific Monday and I'll return tomorrow. 

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