Saturday, December 1, 2018

December is Crunch Time

It's December, do you know what your schedule is? I've got my holiday cards addressed, the back "made by" panels have been attached to each card (only the front and inside of each card are hand painted, the back is a copy of a piece I painted, then resized and added printing), and over the weekend I should be able to get my internationals finished and mailed. I want those out into the wide world ASAP because sometimes, I swear, the mail just tries to walk its way across the miles. 

Maybe if the mail carriers hitched their vehicles to these birds, they would
walk across the waters with greater speed. Still, the cards will get to their
destinations when they arrive and not a minute sooner. 

Still, I'm on schedule. DH will be helping me in the shop on the three Sundays I'm open this year. Of course, he came down as I was working on the computer last night, and asked why we were bothering being open on any Sundays this year. Since I had run the holiday hours schedule by him before Thanksgiving, he only has himself to blame. If he had suggested being closed, I would have been all over that! 

I would have happily skipped our holiday season Sunday hours. Oh
well, maybe I'll actually sell a few things. *sigh*

But no, he didn't mention any of that, so we're open - only three Sundays and only four hours each day, but we have to be there and can't be relaxed in front of the TV for our football games. The sacrifices we make for commerce and gift-giving. 

I love Swim Outlet. I've used them for several years now. I can't
always get exactly what I want - it's an outlet, after all  - but I
usually find something that will work for me at a price I can
afford. They have a lot of yoga and exercise clothing too. 

Did any of you take advantage of cyber-Monday or cyber-week savings for your purchases? I did take advantage of the sale with my swimming suit supplier, getting two suits and two caps for the upcoming year's pool work. The sale they were running was excellent and my gear was included, so that was a total win/win.

I bought this for DH. He hates new things - will
let them sit around for years while wearing old,
worn-out and frayed items. His old blazer
is in horrible condition, and I want him to look
decent when he's out with me, so I'll have
to force him into this one instead. 

I also broke down, at the last minute, and ordered a new leather sport coat for DH. His old coat that I bought him years ago is totally trashed, yet he insists on wearing it. I'm hoping the one I ordered (which I wouldn't have done without the deep discounts) will fit and that he'll like it. He's a good one for getting but never using new things, so it might be a fight to get him to switch over from the old to the new. 

Blizzards aren't as much about the quantity of snow as the lack of
visibility through the storm. I have bad memories of our April
blizzard, so won't take a lot of chances with this one if the wind
and snow pick up and become dangerous. 

We're diving into December with a bang - blizzard warnings have been posted for today. A blizzard isn't necessarily a lot of snow - our estimates are ranging from 1"-5". A blizzard is a lot of wind mixed with snow to cause white-out conditions on the roads. If it gets really bad, I'm closing early today and heading home. 

Here's hoping each of you have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back on Monday, ready to face a new week. 

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