Friday, November 30, 2018

A Very Special Anniversary

I promised that today was a VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY, and indeed, it is. No, it's not a birthday. No, it's not a wedding anniversary. No, it's not a recurring event. Today is my 3000th blog post. Yes ... that's THREE THOUSAND posts in my blog. Taking an average of 300 posts a year, that's Ten Years of posting in this blog, although it's probably a bit longer than ten years. That's a lot of history. 

In 2009, I shared this artwork entitled "Dreaming" by Jo Parry. I still love
the piece - it's deceptively simple and evocative. 

Over that time I've shared a lot of things with my cyber-readers - experiences, thoughts, and lots of photos. I've shared art, architecture, sculpture and locations around the world. I've shared the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival each year through thoughts and photos. I've shared joys, sorrows and those times when I'm left scratching my head in total bewilderment. 

In 2010 I shared this photo of a sun pillar taken in Wyoming. The beauty
just begged to be shared with my friends and readers. I still love looking
at natural beauties today, I'm a very early sunrise person, but sunsets are
equally exceptional. What a fabulous world we're privileged to share. 

What I haven't done a lot is share political views, spiritual viewpoints directed at any specific faith, or other possible trigger posts. I have pissed some people off - lost "friends" over a few posts, but friends lost through things like that probably weren't good friends in any case. I've also gained a few friends through my posts and discussions on other people's blogs that generated on-line conversations and new cyber-friends. It's the rhythm of life. 

In 2011, I shared that DH had purchased a Nook Color
for my holiday gift. Now, more than 1500 e-books
later and several apps ahead, I come down firmly
in the e-book section. The ability to carry 1000's
of books in the palm of my hand (or in my phone,
since that's where I read now) is a daily joy. 

Although I write this blog to clear my own thoughts for the day ahead, I'm really happy to have shared some or all of these past 3000 posts with you and I look forward to my next milestone anniversary for 5000 posts in just a few years more - LOL. Thanks for walking alongside me on this journey. 

I began studying aeolian harps in 2012, with the help of
Fiondil. I still plan to make one or more of these
wind-played harps. It's on an extensive "to do" list
for my retirement years. I suspect I'll be busier
when I retire than I ever was during my working

Have a glorious Friday and end of November. I'll return tomorrow for the beginning of December. 

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