Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hair, Rum and Snow

So, I had my hair appointment consultation yesterday and Jenny and I agreed that this coming week (on Wednesday again, of course, since it's my only day off) I'll get at least 8-12 inches cut off my hair. That should bring it to just below shoulder length. It's a start. I'll get a chance to see how I like shorter hair, and we can always go shorter in another appointment. I showed her the bottom photo from yesterday's blog and she was quite astonished that I would be open to such a drastic change. Although she thought a short style similar to that would look really cute. So that's still on the table, but ... baby steps. 

Apparently Lemon Hart & Son are the
purveyors of rum for the British Navy. Since
the Navy ran on booze and brawn, I
couldn't wait to try some in my tea. 

To treat myself (and because it was on my shopping list too), I dropped by my local mega-liquor store to pick up some 150-proof dark rum. I love a shot of good quality overproof dark rum in my tea, and had run out. Although I was looking for a brand they no longer carried, I found this lovely bad boy instead. 

You've got to love a label that ends with the words "Rum Always".
It's a statement that certainly resonates with me - LOL. 

I fell in love with the label. You've got to love a label that ends with "Rum Always" on the front and heads the back by telling you about how flammable the contents are. I suspect that I shouldn't be keeping the bottle near the stove. Oh - lucky me - liquor is in the pantry - across the hallway from the kitchen. 

On the back, instead of extolling A or B, they go straight into
how extremely flammable 150-proof liquor is. It makes
me think about small ships, large cannons, and explosions. 

I also succeeded in getting all of my envelopes printed for my holiday cards. I'll be doing the final tasks on those now - signing them, applying my "Made By" patch to the backs, putting them snugly into their envelopes, and sending them on their way. I'm not ahead of schedule, but I'm also not behind. 

To top off the day, it started snowing. It's looking rather white out there and I've received phone notification that the plows are running. I probably should try to get going earlier and try to shovel a lane down the driveway. So have a great Thursday, and I'll be back tomorrow for a VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY! 

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