Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Death, A Movie and An Addiction - A Non-Balanced Life

I've got about 10 minutes to pull this post together. What ever happened to time in the mornings!? I'll start by joining the thousands of fans of Paul Sherwin who are shocked and saddened by his death. The announcement of his death via massive heart attack was made yesterday, and Le Tour de France just won't be the same without his voice and play-by-play analysis. I have a feeling that Paul's death will spur Phil Liggett to retire, although you never know for sure. Still, professional cycling has lost a major voice and fan. 

Paul Sherwen was only 62 years young - that's younger than I am. It's
just not going to be the same listening to cycling without his
running commentary. 

I worked super hard on my Holiday Cards yesterday between customers. I'm mailing my international cards and half of my domestic ones today, the other half expected to be tomorrow. I'd say I'd get the final cards in the mail tonight, but Chickie and I are going to see "Ralph Breaks the Internet" tonight, so I won't be swinging by the Post Office on my way home. I also have to actually work at the shop - I know ... what a concept! 

I adore animated films - they're my favorite genre. I didn't
see the first movie, but this one is getting great reviews, so
Chickie and I are off to the Cinema tonight. 

Although it's early in the Holiday season, Hanukkah is already underway and I'm really watching my weight extremely carefully. It's so easy to let minor things like Christmas Cookies and Chex Mix just slide through as "great for the tongue but horrid for the weight" treats. Add those to pie and holiday meals and disaster lurks in the shadows. At the end of last year's holiday, I was up more than ten pounds from where I am today. No ... no, nope, absolutely NOT! It's far too hard to get the weight off again, so I have to be cautious with my food choices. Still, I'm entering the season at a really great level, so I'm hopeful I'll pull through with minimal weight gain. 

Chex Mix is addictive -  its salty goodness pulls me
in like a carp on a line. I can't resist. DH only makes
it once a year and that's a good thing! I can't stop
eating it when it's available. So good! 

I'm gathering my stuff and heading out to swim. I have a $10 promotional gift card to use at Swim Outlet before the end of January and they're running various sales throughout December. Maybe I'll get some on-line shopping done within the next couple of weeks. Huzzah! Have a great Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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